May 30, 2024
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Proposal? Celebrating Love & Life with Briana Zalamar

The world can be filled with many scary forces that hold us back from our best selves. Add to that the many circumstances and experiences that scar people’s confidence, causing them to shrink back from their legacies. One person hopes to break that cycle for many people by showing and telling them what it takes to become successful and happy in life. Her name is Briana Zalamar. 

Briana is many things rolled into one. She is an entrepreneur, author, influencer, correspondent, and upcoming A&R professional. But more than anything, she is an inspiration for people worldwide, especially women. Zalamar’s journey has been anything but easy. Still, she has overcome all odds to create a fantastic career and life for herself. Briana considers herself a “queen of all trades,” balancing multiple commitments but still thriving immensely in each one. She is currently working on building War Lab Music Group LLC, an artist management agency founded by her fiancé, Melvin Edmonds Jr. (son of the late—Melvin Edmonds Sr. from the R&B group “After 7” and the nephew of “Kenny Babyface Edmonds”). Congratulations on the engagement, guys!

After 7

On top of her business, Briana Zalamar is also a highly-acclaimed author. Her book, “Observe Don’t Absorb,” inspires people to overcome their past hurts and embrace their true selves. The title was released on May 11, 2021, and has quickly climbed up categories like Spiritualism and Self Development on Amazon. 

Because of the transformative message behind “Observe Don’t Absorb,” Zalamar has inspired many people. One reader writes: “Briana, your words cut deep— not bad but revealing, healing. It took all those emotions locked behind a wall that little girl inside built and released them. We all walk around with years of damage, and sometimes we don’t know when to put that bag down. Sometimes we add to those heavy satchels by absorbing the weight of others. We look in the mirror and try to fix others before fixing ourselves.” 

For all she has accomplished, Briana has been featured on channels like BET, iHeartRadio, Hip-Hop Weekly, Urban One Honors, and Under Raps Magazine, among many others. She also appeared in season 6 of Unpacking the Box. Briana is also working with Grinderzz 24/7 Magazine and TV to feature influencers, personalities, and events for BET networks and other platforms. 

If that won’t keep her busy enough, Briana is also a content creator who uses the handle @BrooklynBabyBri on Instagram with over 15,000 followers and still growing.

“I feel privileged to get paid to do what I love and love what I do,” explains Briana. “I encourage others to work smarter, not harder—utilize their gifts and work ethics, then create a brand. That’s what makes BrooklynBabyBri me. Respectfully and I’ll always be me through all seasons. Unapologetically! I hope others will do the same.”

Briana Zalamar hopes that her work will not put her on an unrealistic pedestal but rather show people that all things are possible for those who believe in themselves. She remains down to earth and sets an example for her followers, especially women, to lift them and help them experience their own success as well.

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