May 30, 2024
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Rapper Gweedo Music to Release His First Single and Album

Music often reflects the culture and language of the current times. Artists passionate about their craft make music deeply rooted in the present but pay homage to the past and embrace any change that the future might bring. Gweedo Music, a rap artist from Miami, delivers tracks that reflect his culture, upbringing, family heritage, and hopes. As an up-and-coming artist, Gweedo Music sets himself apart by creating music that is a vulnerable mixture of pure honesty and his life experiences.

Gweedo Music has been writing songs that evoke emotion in his listeners. As a lyricist, he delivers masterful lyrics with a mixture of street elements and unorthodox poetry. He has put together diverse styles and cadences to create emotion and share an introspective account of his earthly experience. “My music,” the artist said, “is masculine and vulnerable at the same time. It’s about culture and life. More than rap or hip hop, my music captures the energy and vibrations of our times.”

Drawing from his experience and the environment he lives in, Gweedo Music has created a single that is simultaneously tough and poetic. This single is called “Welfare,” which will be the first track to be released from his upcoming album Ghetto Poetry Vol. 1. He shared, “This track will be the harbinger of the versatility that will be on my debut album.”

Gweedo Music takes pride in his ability to write compelling lyrics, but it took him a long time to believe in his inherent talent. The artist shared, “All my life, I’ve been told I had a gift with writing, and I never believed I could until my eldest brother William motivated me to. Once I started writing my own songs, my family began showing me that music ran in our family. My grandmother, a profound local vocalist, was actually the recording artist Lynn Bryant. She was with a local act on the Inner Circle Sound Tour artist back in the 80s.”

After discovering that music is in his blood, Gweedo Music felt a stronger affinity for his craft. “My mom has my grandmother’s record hanging up at home,” the rapper said, “And my goal is to one day send my mom my platinum track which she can put up next to my grandmother’s record.” 

His family is also a massive inspiration for Gweedo Music. Explaining the inspiration behind his artist name, he said, “The name is an homage to my late father. I carry his street name like a badge of honor. And this name is also a reflection of who I am and where I come from.” Gweedo Music’s father was a drug dealer-turned positive community leader, and his mother was a cop and a singer. “My father led a difficult life, but he was able to turn things around and change for the better. Growing up, I was exposed to different situations and realities. And my experiences have pushed me to produce results to elevate the story of my life.”

Gweedo Music is also inspired by great artists who have come before him, like Tupac, Jay-Z, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Rod Wave. He has big dreams, and seeing artists like them succeed encourages him to work harder. “I see myself one day having a distribution deal with Roc Nation and becoming a platinum recording artist,” he shared, “I want my success in music to help fuel local housing programs in Miami. I want more Black and brown people to become homeowners in our city instead of being long-term renters. So I’ll essentially be using music to heal my city and my people.”Gweedo Music is a rap musician from Miami, Florida. “Welfare,” his first single, will be out on all streaming platforms starting January 23. His debut album Ghetto Poetry Vol. 1, will be available in February.

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