July 17, 2024
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Renowned Creative Director Torland Greene Jr. Leads Independent Creatives Fall 22 New York Fashion Week

Fashion is an art form, and breaking the traditional rules of any industry is the hallmark of great art. Submersive, elegant, and innovative, Torland Greene Jr. has built his brand, Ars Media Arts Group, under the premise of dismantling the mainstream norms of our society and letting true creativity flourish through independent design. 

These days, society is so concerned with major brands and big names. However, true independent fashion and art are not worried by these limiting confines. Instead, Torland Greene Jr. and his co-conspirators are collaborating to bring a new perspective to the Streetwear Fashion and Art Industry. Leading the charge towards groundbreaking innovation in the industry, the 34-year-old creative director from Virginia created a three-day event featuring emerging indie designers. 

The Independent Creatives Fall 22 New York Fashion Week saw the massive collaboration between Torland’s brands, Ars Media Arts Group and Don’t Go Hollywood, along with other independent designers such as Verdict Still Out from Atlanta, Somewhere Doing Something from Virginia, and Very Rare 2 Find from Ohio.

The esteemed three-day event brought these like-minded creatives together for their unique insights regarding the Streetwear Fashion and Art Industry. These emerging indie designers are adamant about innovating fashion in its entirety, welcoming audiences to a special event unlike any other. Over the course of three days, special guests were in attendance to bring a different level of hype all around.

Among the event’s many big-named attendees was Wavey’s World, a famous Instagram influencer with over a million followers. Spider-Cuz, DJ Zum, and Visual Artist Uncle Ralf were also in town for the fashion event, contributing to the amazing vibes all around. Building an ecosystem of innovation and fostering a community of creativity, Torland Greene Jr. and his team have been making waves in the world of fashion and art. 

The event has solidified the passion that indie designers have for their craft, and bringing them all together was such a brilliant move in providing more opportunities for networking and collaboration. “We are building with others. There’s no competition because we are providing new avenues within the culture. We are facilitators, curators, visionaries,” exclaimed Torland Greene Jr. 

In the near future, Torland Greene Jr. sees his brand growing bigger and better. He envisions opening up a flagship store and initiating more partnerships with indie brands. Working together alongside the event has opened up so many possibilities for indie designers and the community as a whole, fostering an entire culture surrounding the beauty of fashion and the art of streetwear. As more and more people witness the evolution of this subgenre, the culture will shape itself and become even better than before. 

Many indie brands are pouring their hearts and souls into the culture, and Torland Greene Jr. and his brands are championing the growth of the scene as they unite to create a better community for independent designers all over the world. This is only the beginning, and with the way things are going now, there’s definitely nowhere to go but up from here on out.

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