June 13, 2024
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Revolutionize Your Life with Transformational Games: Meet Victoria Alekseenko, the Master of Change

Revolutionize Your Life with Transformational Games: Meet Victoria Alekseenko, the Master of Change
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Every day, at maximum speed, we enthusiastically crash into the hustle and bustle we have planned for ourselves, jealously guarding our illusion that we have everything under control. But at some point, familiar things suddenly lose their significance, and there arises a need to change everything.

Transformation is a painful process. Deep-seated stereotypes—pain, fear, limiting beliefs, complexes—must be peeled off like old skin. For many, such liberation is agonizing. The mounting panic demands halting the process of change. But that’s precisely what must not be allowed! Otherwise, you’ll get stuck between the past and the future, like in time-travel movies.

So, what should you do? In such cases, Victoria Alekseenko comes to the rescue—a psychologist, founder of the “New People Community,” author of 70+ original transformational games and unique sets of metaphorical associative cards (MAC), specially created for working through psychological blocks and achieving goals step by step.

What makes Victoria Alekseenko unique?

“Why do you consider this specialist unique among thousands of excellent psychologists in the United States?” you might ask.

Victoria Alekseenko is a play therapist. She doesn’t lay you on a couch or send you into a hypnotic trance. Instead, she suggests resolving problems using cubes and a deck of metaphorical cards. Is your business stuck? Do you want to become rich, lose weight, find love, or simply bring order to your mind and become calmer? Choose the appropriate game and get started!

Whether it’s individually with a mentor, in a group under the supervision of a coach, or on your own—it doesn’t matter. Either way, you’ll receive one hundred percent effective answers to all your pressing questions. And by the end of the game, after three hours, you’ll be amazed at how easily you can tackle problems that seemed catastrophic.

Who is Victoria Alekseenko?

Victoria Alekseenko arrived in the United States from Ukraine in 2022. In her homeland, she practiced practical psychology, business and life coaching, psychodynamic, organizational, and existential coaching for the past 12 years.

In addition, Victoria Alekseenko is a certified business trainer in ICBT, a consultant in business strategy development, facilitation, game modeling, and team creativity development.

Victoria Alekseenko is the author of several practical guides on consciousness transformation, some of which have become desk books for psychologists and coaches. However, she gained real fame through unique methodologies that she embodied in her original transformational games.

Victoria Alekseenko is the first European psychologist who replaced symbols and images with text messages on metaphorical associative cards. This allowed tens of thousands of people to overcome intrusive states more quickly and see concrete paths to achieving their goals.

Who plays transformational games?

Today, Victoria Alekseenko’s transformational games have been translated into three languages and are sold in 15 countries worldwide. They are highly popular among specialized professionals and particularly among those who want to learn to solve their own issues independently, without the help of a psychologist. Currently, the expert is adapting them for American users.

In the near future, Victoria Alekseenko plans to open several Educational Play Therapy Centers, where practicing specialists can enhance their qualifications by incorporating transformational personal and business games into their work plans.

“I am delighted to share my experience with American colleagues. Moreover, I will specifically develop special programs for American businesses that, I am confident, will bring maximum benefits,” says Victoria Alekseenko.

Additionally, Victoria Alekseenko is the author of a unique methodology for transforming the consciousness of troubled teenagers. Her proprietary game is called “Children’s World” and aims to uncover the most delicate problems hidden in children’s subconscious. This guide is actively used by school psychologists, teachers of primary and middle classes, and family psychotherapists in Europe.

For the United States, Victoria Alekseenko’s “Children’s World” is in the final stages of adaptation and, according to experts, could be recommended by the Department of Education for use in federal schools as an effective tool for correcting the behavioral patterns of children in early and adolescent ages, including the so-called “anxious period.”


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