May 27, 2024
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Revolutionizing Pain Management: The Visionary Journey of Gregory Papageorge and New York Cryogen

Gregory Papageorge and New York Cryogen
Photo Courtesy: Gregory Papageorge

In the bustling landscape of healthcare innovation, a groundbreaking technology has emerged, spearheaded by the visionary founder, Gregory Papageorge. This technology, known as high-pressure medical cryotherapy, is not only revolutionizing pain management but has also received exclusive recognition and approval from the American Medical Association (AMA). In this in-depth profile, we delve into Gregory’s personal journey, the inception of New York Cryogen, and the transformative impact this new technology is having on the world of cryotherapy.

In November 2021, Gregory Papageorge embarked on a journey that would change the landscape of pain management forever. Originally purchasing a small medical device for personal pain relief, Gregory quickly recognized the inefficiencies of existing machines in the market. Intrigued by the potential for pain management using cryotherapy, he decided to channel his 24 years of experience in healthcare sales, particularly in complex spine medical devices, into creating New York Cryogen.

Traditional cryotherapy had limitations, primarily due to the lack of tissue penetration. Gregory, armed with a vision to harness the power of extreme cold therapy, developed a revolutionary approach using liquid carbon dioxide pressurized under extreme force. The result? Profound pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects almost immediately upon application to the body. This innovation, the high-pressure medical cryotherapy, is now the core focus of New York Cryogen.

What sets New York Cryogen apart is its exclusive recognition and approval from the AMA. Gregory Papageorge’s brainchild is the first in the history of cryotherapy to receive AMA endorsement and approval, complete with exclusive Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) billing codes. This recognition positions New York Cryogen as a leader and founder in high-pressure cryotherapy, with the unique ability to accept healthcare insurance for this groundbreaking treatment.

Gregory Papageorge envisions his technology as an opioid-sparing option for those suffering from chronic and acute pain. Beyond that, high-pressure cryotherapy has shown remarkable potential in expediting post-surgery healing by up to 80%. The article aims to create awareness and inspire readers to consider this new modality as a powerful alternative in pain management.

New York Cryogen is already making waves with its flagship device, the AC-130 Viper, the first of its kind in the world. Three additional devices are in development, promising to further expand the capabilities of high-pressure cryotherapy. With approvals from Medicare, Medicaid, and integration into seven states on the private insurance side, New York Cryogen is set to nationalize its reach in 2023, including plans for expansion to Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Gregory Papageorge, the creator, cultivator, and inventor of high-pressure medical cryotherapy, has conducted over 6,000 procedures in less than two years. Clinical and observational trials have been completed, and the modality’s power has been recognized not only by medical practitioners but also by the AMA, fast-tracking its approval unanimously.

As New York Cryogen continues to push the boundaries of cryotherapy, Gregory Papageorge envisions a future where their portable handheld device will be released, enabling the acceptance of healthcare insurance for this treatment. The technology is now considered a medical procedure by the AMA, positioning New York Cryogen as a game-changer in the cryotherapy industry and the broader field of medicine.

Join the movement, experience the transformation, and witness how high-pressure medical cryotherapy is rewriting the script for pain management.

Stay updated on their groundbreaking innovations by following New York Cryogen on Instagram (@newyorkcryogen) and Facebook (New York Cryogen). Visit their website at www.nycryogen.comwww.ac130viper.com to learn more about their products and services.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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