May 25, 2024
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Rhys Kelly’s Handmade Art Is Setting a New Standard for Customized Jewelry

Rhys Kelly, designs handmade jewelry and is setting a new standard for personalization, sentimentality, and intimacy in the industry. The well-known personal touch of a monogram, initial, or birthstone doesn’t compare to Rhys’ hand painted custom eye jewelry. Creating one-of-a-kind pieces for each customer based on images of the customer’s eye or the eye of a loved one.  Rhys’ collection is revolutionary in the customized jewelry industry and is an exceptionally meaningful expression of love and longevity.

Rhys has always been fascinated by the human eye. “The ability to feel a deep connection with those around us, simply through eye contact or the emotive expressiveness of each person’s eyes tells a story and gives us personal, intimate, and deep relationships,” says Rhys.

As an artist who has centered her work and jewelry line around the image of the human eye, Rhys sees it as a symbol that unites humanity. “No one sees the world in the exact same way as anyone else,” she says. “But even with these differences, we all still undergo the common experiences of love and loss. For me, other people’s eyes are a reminder to consider the perspectives of the people around us and to get out of our own heads.”

By taking the time to hand paint and craft each eye and each piece of jewelry for her customers, Rhys is making a statement against the fashion industry in the process. Throwing away the status-quo made up of cheap, trend-focused products that aren’t meant to last, Rhys creates individualized designs by hand to imbue each piece with a sense of longevity and life.

“I focus on the quality of each piece in terms of its production value and its singularity. It is my goal that people will be holding onto these pieces forever and eventually pass them down to generations to come. I would feel so connected if I had a piece of jewelry with a piece based on the eyes of my grandparents and I hope to provide that opportunity to my customers.”

Pouring so much of her own work and time into each piece, customers receive a true work of art filled with Rhys’ passion and love for the world. Each piece is truly distinct from the rest, as no two eyes are exactly the same. Wearing this jewelry is like wearing a symbol of our common humanity, showing the eye that unites us as humans and yet remains unique from person to person—a true reflection of life on this planet.

Beyond the customizable eye necklaces and rings, Rhys’ collection includes other statement pieces, lockets, and jewelry, all of which include an eccentric individuality and playfulness that sets her apart from the mass-produced products flooding the fashion industry. Her line attracts buyers that truly span an age gap, clients from 18 to 80 years of age are drawn to this unique line. Rhys fills each piece with small surprises and individualized elements that give her customers something new to look at every time.

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