May 19, 2024
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Rich Fayden Joins OC HIT in a Monumental Collaboration as Senior A&R and Head of Radio Promotion

Every day, new talents emerge in the music industry, their incredible talents paving for ageless music with unique lyricism and style. However, behind the scenes of making great music are those working tirelessly to ensure the success of the music from start to finish, such as A&Rs—responsible for scouting new talent and overseeing all aspects of the process that leads up to the delivery of all finished recordings. To ensure that upcoming talents get the proper support as they launch their career in the music industry, Rich Fayden recently partnered with Platinum Award Winning Producer Thomas Barsoe of OC Hit as the studio’s new Senior A&R and Head of Radio Promotion to help these upcoming talents navigate the best the music industry has to offer.

Rich Fayden is an experienced A&R coordinator and has discovered musical talents for two and a half decades. More recently, he had come across talented artists such as Shawn Mendes, Halsey, Conan Gray, Alessia Cara, and several others through online platforms such as SoundCloud, Vine, and YouTube, long before significant labels knew who they were. With his experience and connections in the industry, Rich’s goal was to send out artist’s links to industry heads and try to get them heard.

Thomas Barsoe is also a platinum-credited A&R Coordinator with a vast experience in artist management. In January 2016, he officially opened the doors of OC Hit, a record label, music publishing, artist management and recording studios dedicated to discovering and developing exceptionally talented young singers and songwriters.

With Rich Fayden’s ear for hit songs and deep industry relationships, the new collaboration will bring Barsoe of OC Hit and Fayden’s expertise as the studios new Senior A&R and Head of Radio Promotion to a blend, making OC Hits a tremendous force with an incredible artist roaster and community while providing upcoming talents with the best the music industry has to offer. 

In an interview about the new collaboration, Rich Fayden says, “Knowing Thomas for many years and seeing what an incredible atmosphere he has created for upcoming talent made it clear to me that we needed to come together, after many years working apart. The passion Thomas brings to his students, artists and songwriters is something every industry newcomer dreams of. OC Hit is a world-class studio, and now with this partnership, I expect to see artists coming out on their own and making a lot of noise within the ranks of the industry.”

In a separate interview, Barsoe says, “I’m delighted to have my good friend Rich Fayden on board as senior A&R and head of Radio Promotion at OC Hit. Between us, we have five decades of scouting experience in the music business with unmatched connections and relationships within all aspects of the music and entertainment industry. In addition, Rich brings a unique skill set to the table. His vast experience in radio promotion presents our artist roster with unbelievable opportunities to take their music careers to a whole other level. I truly believe Rich is the last piece of the puzzle we needed for OC Hit to be one of the most influential, ‘major’ independent labels on the West Coast.”With this new collaboration, OC Hit is about to become a hotbed for talented artists riding the waves in the music industry. To learn more about Rich Fayden and his new partnership, visit his website.

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