July 24, 2024
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Riding through Retro Nostalgia with Dua Lipa

Source: Rolling Stone

Pop singer and fashion icon Dua Lipa neatly packages club music, pianos, and dance remixes to take music enthusiasts on a trip through retro nostalgia, which bridges today’s generation to the glory days of pop music.

Starting young in the entertainment industry may mean exhausting or sometimes even dimming a potential too early. However, it seems to be the other way around for renowned artist Dua Lipa, who started her career at the age of 14. Back then, she was a fresh voice who enjoyed creating covers online. Now she is an artist signed with Warner Music Group as she released her first single in 2015 and first titled album in 2017.

Reigning from London, the English singer, songwriter, and model has released two albums and 25 singles that have been nothing but chart-rocketing successes. With her innate talent, she is a recipient of multiple awards and nominees as early as her first album, Dua Lipa, being nominated for Album of the Year for BBC Music Awards and British Album of the Year. It also won the International Album of the Year for the LOS40 Music Awards. 

Yet things did not stop there for Dua Lipa. The pop diva released her breakthrough single “New Rules,” becoming the national anthem for girls along with an iconic music video. Working towards a moment of continuously being a massive hit, Dua recently released her sophomore album Future Nostalgia, which beat out other renowned artists for the Grammy’s 2021 Best Pop Vocal Album. 

Even with limitations due to the pandemic, Dua Lipa is leading people to rave, party, and dance to the beat everywhere it is played. Her well-deserved award-winning album is a mix of sophisticated, pop-funk, ’90s club culture, and disco—a reason for retro-pop revival in today’s time. It is an album composed of songs centered on the rush of discovering passion born out of both the need to express unbothered thoughts and her relaxed state. Future Nostalgia gives full attention to catchy rhythms and beats that draw everyone in.

Starting its line up with “Levitating” and keeping its core “Don’t Stop Now” sets a stage for a perfect club or dance gathering. All songs are remixed with a journey of discovery through self, love, and the coming of realization. Each with a throbbing bassline and a seamless transition, Dua Lipa shows her easy control of listeners’ attention. Furthermore, she keeps everyone asking for more as they dive deeper into the story she delivers, ensuring how it was not a mistake to remix her songs with 15 producers.

Dua Lipa never fails to give fans from the past, present, and future a nostalgic romp to claim the crown. She teaches by example how one can own herself, grow from the experience, and be successful. Hers is a pop pantheon glory transcending anyone’s expectations with versatility and range proven by all her releases. 

With adrenaline rushing through everyone’s system, Dua Lipa is sure to keep everyone awake despite the trouble that surrounds the world. What will be her next move?





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