February 27, 2024
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Rising Artist Leikyn Bravo Opens Up on Her Journey With Her Debut Album ‘Songs You’ll Never Hear’

One of the biggest obstacles that creatives are forced to overcome at some point in their career is fallout. There can be several reasons for the fallout. Artists’ or writers’ block plays a significant role, and financial aspects cannot be overlooked. However, for those who are still fresh on their journey, the constant rejection can be a painful and heavy reason for the fallout. Rising artist Leikyn Bravo understands how difficult the road can be to recover from fallout, and today she is set to make her return.

A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Leikyn Bravo holds a bachelor’s degree in Songwriting. Her passion for music had always been present growing up as melody and harmony flowed through her veins and often fought to spill out with a tune on her lips. Leikyn’s instrument of choice can never be pegged as she delved into the piano, viola, violin, and ukulele. She is still polishing her guitar skills with a promising outlook. 

Leikyn was always looking to expand her versatility. The young artist took a chance in theater and landed a couple of roles during her studies. She has performed as Maria in West Side Story and Ellen in Miss Saigon. With many successful ventures, Leikyn decided to emphasize her music career upon graduation. However, her journey would be met with several setbacks. 

Leikyn Bravo was met with doors shutting on her face, getting told that she was nothing more than a pretty girl with a pretty voice and that her music would never amount to anything. Determined to succeed, Leikyn took a different approach. She started changing her music and image, hoping to fit the standard of success others projected on her. However, the sudden shift brought the fallout that led her to lose her drive.

In an attempt to rediscover her fiery music passion, Leikyn pursued her passion for world cultures and embarked on a journey, visiting forty-five countries across six continents. While the journey was a spiritual one, Leikyn overcame many obstacles, pushing through mental and physical barriers as she plotted out how she could continue navigating towards her goal.

Today, Leikyn is set to make her debut as a solo artist. After years of reimaging her sound, filming music videos, and putting together a top-tier team to help bring her ideas to life, the versatile artist is set to release her album ‘Songs You’ll Never Hear.’ The album provides listeners with a glimpse into her journey and showcases how waiting on others will not help them find their success. ‘Songs You’ll Never Hear’ is an independent work. Putting the project together on her own, Leikyn revealed that she educated herself to self-produce and write. “It was just me and my belief in the project that organized all the team players that ultimately contributed to this album,” Leikym revealed, “I am not an industry-planted artist. Everything about this album is organic and is true to who I am as a person.”

With the album set to drop on May 7, Leikyn Bravo is optimistic about her future. She foresees another album, a couple of singles, and possibly an EP on its way following her debut.

Learn more about Leikyn Bravo by visiting her official website. You can also get updates on her latest tracks by following her on Facebook and Instagram.

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