May 30, 2024
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Rising Music Star Goddess Glo Shows the World the Power of Songwriting and Style

These days, the music industry has become overly saturated. Writing and lyricism have become sort of a lost art form, with music being dominated by concepts of money and fame. Fortunately, Goddess Glo is here to set alight the music industry with her captivating charms, her rare personality, and her fascinating lyricism.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, the thriving musician has been making music since 2011, with her main genres being hip-hop, pop, R&B, and country pop. Over the course of her fruitful year, Goddess Glo has done community events as well as concerts where she has performed and captivated audiences nationwide. In light of these successes, she established her own company by the name of Glowing Star Media.

Goddess Glo is a Native-American and Black Hebrew who has cemented her position in the music industry as a powerhouse. However, more than just a musician, she is also a graduate from the University of Nevada, where she acquired her Bachelor of Arts in Urban Affairs. She minored in history and obtained her Associate in Applied Science in Public Relations as well. She is a rarity in the music industry, where most people have become accustomed to profanities and singing about money and fame. 

At the early start of her music career, Goddess Glo used to be a substitute teacher who worked with the Youth Step Team and the BSU Black Student Unions Back in 2017. She is also a seamstress and stylist, so she thought of a way to seamlessly combine her talents in music and fashion. To this very day, Goddess Glo styles her performance outfits to make musical statements that will shake the very foundations of the musical landscape. 

As part of her stylist background, Goddess Glo also creates upscale gowns that are fashionable and trendy. She writes her own music, creates her own outfits, and sings her own songs, there’s no one else quite like Goddess Glo in the industry, and she is glowing with every performance.

She fully admits that her musical journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Goddess Glo opens up that growing up was full of hardships that have always inspired her to reach for her dreams and achieve everything on her own. Her motto in life is “Never give up,” and she has proven time and time again that she fully embodies the saying.

Goddess Glo vows to help build and add to society through her music and her heart of gold. In line with this goal, she created Glowing Star Media to create a platform for the community while assisting and dealing with the community directly. In the near future, she envisions herself becoming a global musician and helping other talented individuals reach their dreams no matter what that may be.

To know more about the dazzling Goddess Glo, make sure to check out her official website for Glowing Star Media. For more live updates, be sure to follow her on her social media platforms: Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud.

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