June 13, 2024
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Russel J. Holmes Puts Problem-Solving Skills on Display in HGTV’s “Renovation Impossible”

Home renovations can be tricky, especially when the homeowners need help to agree on any design decision. Russell J. Holmes is a construction expert and one of the hosts of HGTV’s Renovation Impossible. In the show, Russell uses his years of construction experience to help homeowners find a path past their differences and complete their home renovations. But more than being a construction guy and television show host, Russell J. Holmes sees himself as a “fixer” who can also help people solve their problems, big and small.

Russell J. Holmes may be one of the hosts of HGTV’s newest show, Renovation Impossible, but he is no newcomer when it comes to being on-camera. He was also part of the show Garage Rehab, where he and the team find struggling auto-garages and help them build and streamline their garage to improve their business. The show took off, and Russell J. Holmes quickly became known as a man who could solve any construction problem he faced. He said, “It felt good to be on that show. It was a mix of everything I am passionate about construction, cars, motorcycles, and helping businesses in need.”

On Renovation Impossible, Russell J. Holmes shares the stage with designer Paige Poupart. Together, the two hosts help couples who have been paralyzed by the many renovation, design, and construction decisions they had to make. “I get it. Renovation can be overwhelming,” Russell shared, “But Paige and I are here to help them make solid choices for their home.”

Although the television show is about renovation and remaking a home into something better, Russell J. Holmes believes that his duties extend beyond the construction side of things. He explained, “Living with someone is a practice of listening, compromising, and finding common ground. And sometimes couples can lose sight of that. At first, something seemed like a disagreement in design choices, but as I talked to them, we realized that there was a deeper issue at hand. So I bond with them and help them see from their partner’s perspective.”

Construction seems like a fitting career for someone who describes himself as a “fixer.” Russel said, “A lot of that came from growing up poor. We did not have the money to hire people when things around the house broke, so I grew up learning to do things for myself. And as a result, I love the problem-solving process.” 

Russell J. Holmes is a man who has become quite an expert at problem-solving and conflict resolution. He is proud of how far he has come in life, especially how he overcame several hurdles and setbacks. “My father was an alcoholic, and he died at 39 because of his alcoholism,” Russel shared, “I have been sober for eight years now. I never thought I would overcome this huge battle, but I did and kept doing so every day. This experience made me see that I am strong enough to face any challenge that comes my way. And I am blessed to be part of a television show that allows me to help others overcome their challenges too.”

Russell J. Holmes is happy to share his expertise on HGTV’s Renovation Impossible. “I encourage the couples we work with to be hands-on with the renovation. I like to get these homeowners invested physically and mentally in the final outcome of their homes. I know that if they are willing to take on something as big as a home renovation, they can learn a thing or two that they can apply to other areas of their life.”

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