June 15, 2024
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Rusty Diamond Shares How He Went From Professional Wrestling to Hypnosis

At some point in people’s careers, they grow tired of their jobs. It becomes a routine for them, and things grow predictable with rare instances of change. However, Rusty Diamond is an individual who never grows bored in his endeavors. While others take up side hustles or abandon their jobs to get into new ventures, Diamond likes to stretch himself out into multiple exploits.

Rusty Diamond is known for being a professional wrestler and stand-up comedian. He has also established himself as a musician, podcast host, actor, tv and movie extra & stand-in, producer, model, voiceover artist, playwright, live show host & producer, YouTube and TikTok content creator, promoter, PA announcer, color and play-by-play commentator, reseller, and recently hypnotist. Although Diamond had more than enough ventures to keep himself busy, he still took time to work more jobs.

As a professional wrestler, Diamond invented a comedy wrestler character. His character lined up with his stand-up comedy career. However, he sets aside his comedy skits and wrestling antics in the ring. When standing on the stage, Diamond delivers a naturally deadpan performance. With a high regard to the art of comedy, he dislikes repeating jokes as he believes the audience should receive a genuine experience rather than a scripted performance. 

In 2017, Diamond got into an accident while delivering hardwood flooring, twisting his knee, and stopping his wrestling career. Following surgeries and physical therapies, he would fall into depression until he was urged to meet a counselor. After warming up to her, she would recommend Diamond try hypnotism with a book and suggested an instructor. When he took the course, Diamond fell in love with hypnosis and became a professional.

Rusty Diamond created a website for his brand, Hypnosis Is Great, to help others overcome their depression, anxiety and even enhance their athletic capabilities. As a hypnotist, Diamond offers services that take place in either a single session or multiple sessions. The sessions are often conducted online, through Zoom, or via Skype. Diamond also holds phone sessions, making his services accessible and comfortable for his clients.

In 2019, the hypnotist returned to reselling. He started a box of beanie babies for $50, which sat around for a few months before posting them online. Diamond was overwhelmed as he was forced to look up each one individually. Fortunately, a seller bought the lot for $75, and Diamond learned his lesson to avoid beanie babies.

Owing to his disdain towards clutter, Rusty Diamond was driven to keep turning things and getting them out of his place as soon as possible. He prepares his listing for buyers so they can send him offers. As a reseller, Diamond wants to see his customers happily walk away with the item they bought at the price they get. 

Regardless of the job he is doing, Rusty Diamond hopes to continue doing each one as the years go by. He foresees expansion for the Rusty Diamond brand as he plans on settling in a remote area. With the new normal putting off live shows and performances, he hopes to continue doing as much work from the safety of his home or in an office base.

Learn more about Rusty Diamond by visiting his official website. Find out more about Hypnosis Is Great here.

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