June 22, 2024
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Sara Rojas Successfully Leads Latin Entertainment Group LLC’s Business Expansion in the US

Hispanic entertainment executive Sara Rojas is a fearless woman on a mission to bring Latin Entertainment Group LLC to the forefront of the industry. Her company is one of the five women-led US companies that generate revenues of more than $1 million. While still considered a small company of fewer than 50 employees, the organization is a strong contender against media conglomerates in the cable television and digital streaming space. In Latin America alone, Latin Entertainment Group offers consumers three movie channels, one children’s programming channel, and a suite of Spanish music video channels that offers a wide array of music, like reggaeton, tropical, and cumbia genres. 

What makes Latin Entertainment Group stand out from its numerous competitors is its commitment to becoming a safe space where talents can be discovered and appreciated. “What separates us from the competition is our unique offer of Latin music channels segmented by genre to showcase a large array of musical preferences across Latin America. We have everything from regional to reggaeton and even Peruvian Cumbia. Our Spanish movie network showcases indie films from across Latin America and the Caribbean, telling unique stories of underrepresented communities including indigenous, Afro-Hispanic and LGTBQ+,” Rojas explained. 

Back in 2019, Rojas approached investors in Miami armed with the dream of bringing Hollywood movies to Colombia but dubbed wholly in Spanish sans the annoying telemarketing advertisements. That dream paved the way for Cine Premium and Cine Familiar. Shortly after, Cine Hispano, Canal Infantil, and MIMUSICA were created. It offered a wide variety of Spanish language content to pay television operators, spanning over 22 Latin American countries and the Caribbean. Overall, it reached nearly 30 million homes.

At present, Rojas is faced with the exciting challenge of introducing Latin Entertainment Group’s MIMUSICA and Cine Hispano channels to LatinX audiences in the ever-growing digital arena. The company is expected to go head-to-head with two of its biggest rivals: TelevisaUnivision and Hemisphere Media Group. In comparison, this much-watched competition is a lot like the legendary David versus Goliath story. While Rojas knows this all too well, she is not deterred at all and remains focused on staying ahead of the game. Her ultimate goal is to make Latin Entertainment Group a household name across the US. 

Rojas, as a young girl, loved traveling to her native country of Colombia during the holidays to experience more of her family roots. Just like everyone else of Latin descent, she enjoyed dancing salsa with her cousins and watching Colombian movies. Whenever she was back in Brookline, Massachusetts, however, she had no access to these simple joys. Eventually, she studied Communications and Marketing at the American University. She has been in the media industry since 2008. 

If there is another important thing that makes Rojas stand out as a Latina executive, it is her deep understanding and passion for the brand she has created and the audience it hopes to please: the Hispanic population. In the next couple of years, she envisions herself rising up as vice president of business development while continuing her efforts to monetize the company’s content in the US. 

Sara Rojas wants to serve as an inspiration to other Hispanics out there who have big dreams. They should never belittle their dreams and should pursue them tirelessly. It is never easy, especially if the pursuit involves a highly competitive industry, but just as she found her niche and made a name for herself, she is confident others will too. 

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