July 20, 2024
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Shakir Hammadi’s Jersey Nation Stands Out with Over 400 Designs in Collection

Sports and fashion have collided at many junctions in the past. Still, people are always looking for brands that help them enjoy both a love for sports and good quality clothing. That’s what people experience with the company known as Jersey Nation.

The Jersey Nation is a clothing brand at the surface. But much deeper into the company, people will find a brand founded to revolutionize the way jerseys are perceived and worn. The most distinct jerseys they make are very much influenced by the themes from TV shows, movies, and hip-hop and rap culture. While jerseys are known only to be worn during big sports events, Jersey Nation has made wearing a jersey into an everyday thing.

Shakir Hammadi was just in high school and was only 17 at the time when he started exploring the world of the fashion industry. He experienced working in a supermarket and realized that he wanted to do more in this life. He really committed to running his own company. He then reached out to around 20 factories and finally, one gave him a chance to turn his dreams into a reality.

Shakir found their jerseys unique and appealing and so he reached out to a freelance graphic designer, started making a lot of custom-made jerseys. The people started loving their works until word came out to the public. Advertising on Facebook, Snapchat, and then also moving into Tik Tok really helped them a lot as well.

During its founding year, the Jersey Nation brand experienced significant momentum and it made over $800,000 in revenue with celebrity partnerships including DDG, Nick Young, The Professor, Emmanuel Mudiay, and other big icons from different industries. What makes Jersey Nation unique from its other competitors is its massive range of designs that people can choose. They have more than 400 different types of jerseys in their collection. This is the reason why Shakir firmly believes that it is the jerseys that make them stand out from the competition. 

“The jersey is perfect and in honor of the late great Nipsey Hussle, I wore this on the anniversary of his passing to show we will always remember and honor his memory.” shares one customer, Mikey D.

On top of creative and high-quality jerseys, Shakir said: “We take pride in taking care of our customers. We make sure that  we give back to the people as much as we  can.”

Ever since Shakir Hammadi founded the Jersey Nation in 2020, it has been transforming the way jerseys are worn globally. Their ultra-unique pieces are inspired by culture-defining throwbacks of classic movies, hip television shows, R&B artists, and prominent hip-hop figures.

Jersey Nation’s website features a comprehensive product portfolio replete with various basketball, baseball, football, high school, and customized jerseys. Other bigshot sports icons like Klay Thompson, Jamal Murray, and Chuck Liddell. To know more about Jersey Nation and its latest designs, you can visit its website or you can check out its Facebook page

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