June 24, 2024
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Sierra Jean: Transcending Obstacles through Awe-Inspiring Determination

Sierra Jean: Transcending Obstacles through Awe-Inspiring Determination
Photo Credited to: Sierra Jean

Born in Long Island, NY, in 2001, Sierra Jean’s life has unfurled as a journey of passion, resilience, and determination. From her childhood, her life was steeped in music – she performed on stage right from a tender age, taking inspiration from classic rock bands like Journey and Bon Jovi. It was this deep-rooted passion for rock music that shaped Sierra’s musical identity and propelled her to an early start in showbiz.

At the mere age of eleven, Sierra Jean was discovered on YouTube. She would frequent Los Angeles, rubbing shoulders with Hollywood veterans while she wrote, recorded demos, filmed music videos, pitched to major label executives and gradually made a name for herself. By the time she turned fourteen, she was already a seasoned professional with multiple releases and a fan base of over two hundred thousand followers across various social platforms by 2016.

However, the course of Sierra’s career took an unexpected turn in February 2016. She was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, a chronic illness causing dizziness and, in extreme cases, syncope. Suddenly, performing, which had been as natural to her as breathing, now seemed an impossible task. Yet the first question she asked herself was not why this happened, but rather, “will I ever be able to perform again?”

Despite her challenging health conditions, which required her to use a wheelchair periodically, Sierra Jean did not let her passion falter. Whenever her health permitted, she would surrender herself to the sweet symphony of her guitar and play for hours in the hope that she could someday record again.

Sierra Jean’s relentless determination began to pay dividends when she started to manage her illness effectively and mustered the strength to attend Belmont University, the Top Music Business School in the country as named by Billboard. At Belmont, she honed her skills through its music business production program, arming herself with the knowledge to shape her career path that aligned with her vision.

Walking along her path to recovery and self-discovery, Sierra Jean marked her return to the industry by re-recording her first single ‘all that I want,’ to commemorate its tenth anniversary. With modified lyrics and elements echoing her authentic pop-rock sound, Sierra marked the beginning of a new era in music and life. It was a nod to those who supported her during her journey and a warm welcome to those just uncovering her music.

Recorded at the Grammy-nominated Welcome to 1979 in Nashville, TN, ‘all that I want’ is a moving breakup anthem. It tells the story of a relationship that has ended, yet the emotion continues to linger on. The enriched lyrics encapsulate Sierra’s personal experiences, particularly her relationship with a man who did not support her decision to move to Nashville, reflecting her philosophy that nothing should stand in the way of passion.

Aside from her influences from classic rock, Sierra Jean also finds inspiration in Jon Bellion’s metaphorical lyricism. Bellion, who was recently nominated for Album of The Year for charging Jon Batiste’s album, ‘World Music Radio,’ continues to inspire Sierra’s lyrical output, such as the profoundness reflected in her upcoming singles ‘This Far’ and ‘Rose colored glasses.’

Sierra Jean is set to return to the spotlight following a seven-year hiatus, healthier and more prepared than ever. She believes that everything happens for a reason, which indeed appears valid for her case. It can’t go unnoticed that her battle with POTS led her to read her old contract from 2013 recently and spelled out a surprising revelation. She discovered she did not own her old master recordings and was legally barred from collecting money from them as well – a setback she might have faced had she not paused her career due to illness.

However, Sierra Jean has emerged stronger in the face of adversities, showcasing determination, resilience, and a passion that refuses to wane. With her music’s innovative character and her inspiring journey, she continues to captivate hearts, reminding us all of the power of unyielding determination.

Follow Sierra Jean’s musical journey on Instagram (www.instagram.com/sierrajeanmusic) and Spotify (open.spotify.com/artist/6GcH42mEkAgA5Lavjn8v7U?si=ifvJEv8iQ3SbugkOK–CVQ).

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