June 24, 2024
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Investment Group Clean Power Industries, LLC Acquires Clean Tech Startup Simple Solar, Sets to Align Solar Dealers into a Unified Platform

Simple Solar
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Investment group Clean Power Industries, LLC has recently acquired clean tech startup Simple Solar in what is the first in a series of new business investments by Clean Power Industries in the clean energy industry.

Simple Solar was founded by Chief Revenue Officer Moe Falah in 2020 and is ranked as the 44th fastest-growing private nation by Inc. Magazine. The company specializes in making the solar installation process easily obtainable for consumers. This recent development in its acquisition is one of Clean Power Industries’ broader strategies to acquire and align Solar Dealers with Engineering, Procurement, and Construction partners (EPCs) into a unified platform. 

Solar energy is one of the fastest clean energy industries, both for residential and commercial use. However, there have been growing concerns about the consistency of quality and service across the industry, particularly regarding consumer experience. Jesse Gee explained, “The Sales Dealer and EPC model prevalent in residential solar has several inherent problems for both businesses and, most importantly, the consumer. Our strategy aims to solve these problems and ultimately drive a superior customer experience and lower overall costs.” 

Clean Power Industries prioritizes solving the inefficiencies that residential solar sales professionals, dealers, installers, and customers experience throughout the solar installation process. This bold business maneuver will boost solar power companies and greatly benefit their consumers and clients. 

The new partnership between Simple Solar and Clean Power Industries aims to innovate the solar power industry in the country, with the goal of forming a world-class, holistic home energy solution company in mind. According to Simple Solar CEO Ted O’Shea, “This is the first step in a larger plan to unite sales organizations with a customer-focused installation operation across major solar markets in the United States.”

Under Clean Power Industries, Simple Solar transitions into a vertically-integrated company that is a step above its previous sales-only platform. This new development will help Simple Solar focus on delivering a powerful, clean experience driven by technology and data-centricity for its internal members. In addition, this also creates better opportunities for families as they navigate through the nitty-gritty process of sales, installation, and permission to operate, among others.

Simple Solar stays true to its goal of making the transition to solar energy accessible and easily obtainable. The company will continue to provide solar installation services that eliminate hidden fees and additional costs by owning the entire process and creating a transparent platform that provides accurate data for all parties involved.

Even with the transition under Clean Power Industries, Simple Solar will remain in the hands of capable leaders well-experienced in the clean energy and tech field. Clean tech industry veteran O’Shea will step into the CEO role, backed by his extensive experience founding and operating multiple clean tech energy services. Under his leadership, these companies have delivered solar, storage, and energy-efficient solutions at scale. On the other hand, Simple Solar founder Moe Falah will take on his new role as CRO, developing highly-skilled sales personnel, recruiting partners to help company growth, inspiring vision, and creating new opportunities for the company.

Solar energy is the clean energy of the future, and transitioning a household to solar power should be an easy and accessible process. “Creating an incredible customer experience has been the major focus of Simple Solar since its origination,” Falah said, “By taking control of the entire process, we can add the Simple Solar standard of excellence to every project. This creates longevity not only for the company but for the careers of all Simple Solar employees.” 

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