February 23, 2024
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The Importance of Skin Permeation in Anti-aging Skincare Products

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Dr. Brian Keller, the Chief Scientific Officer of Beverly Glen Laboratories (b.glen), has emphasized the importance of skin permeation in anti-aging skincare products. Beverly Glen Laboratories is a therapeutic line of skincare products made in Japan that has been clinically proven and tested.

According to Dr. Keller, anti-aging skincare science is becoming more sophisticated with each passing year, with ingredients that appear to have clinical benefits entering the market at a fast pace. However, to truly benefit the skin, these ingredients must be formulated in a way that enables them to permeate the skin.

Dr. Keller explains that formulating a cosmetically elegant product and a new ingredient is a challenge faced by skin scientists. The goal is to ensure that the ingredient remains stable in the formulation and allows the ingredient to permeate the skin. Dr. Keller emphasizes that tried-and-true ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol, vitamin E, alpha hydroxy acids, and hydroquinone must also be stable in the container and formulated so they permeate the skin.

Conventional cosmetics vehicles such as creams, lotions, and gels do not promote adequate skin penetration, and the result is that the ingredients do not reach the lower layers of the skin and any sites of activity. To address this issue, Beverly Glen Laboratories has developed a new technology called QuSome technology, which is a system designed to promote skin penetration of ingredients, improve product and ingredient stability and performance, and deliver results.

QuSomes are lipid vesicles, tiny spheres with an outer membrane and several inner membranes that are about 1/50th the diameter of a human hair. When QuSomes are made during the formulation process, they encapsulate the ingredients, fully engulfing them. Once inside a QuSome, ingredients are protected from chemical reaction, they stay stable, and when they reach the surface of the skin, they penetrate into the layers of the skin. Once in the skin, QuSomes release their ingredient payload, and the active ingredients can begin to do their work in the skin, down in lower layers rather than just sitting on the surface of the skin, doing nothing

Beverly Glen Laboratories uses QuSomes for the purpose of improving the appearance of their users’ skin. In order to accomplish this goal, they first identify specific skin issues and then create a skincare regimen around the users’ individual needs using their stable of 25 products. Every product in their line is designed to target specific areas in the skin using their QuSome delivery system.

Dr. Keller concludes by stating that because many ingredients have the potential to help solve skin issues and treat a variety of problems, we should remain optimistic about the current state-of-affairs. However, we must stay vigilant about careful handling of these ingredients to keep them stable and help them permeate the skin so they can perform at their true capacity and give the best results. QuSomes have been Beverly Glen Laboratories’ tool to accomplish this.

For more information on Beverly Glen Laboratories and their products, visit their website at www.bglen.us.

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