June 24, 2024
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SOUTHERNALITY™ CEO Country Girl Boss Babe Brandi Snyder Celebrates Her Newest Launch!

SOUTHERNALITY™ CEO Country Girl Boss Babe Brandi Snyder Celebrates Her Newest Launch!
Photo Courtesy: Brandi Snyder

Celebrating the launch of the newest addition to her SOUTHERNALITY™ Brand, Longtime Entrepreneur Brandi Snyder recently launched SOUTHERNALITY™ The Cookbook! “To say it’s been a long time coming is an understatement,” according to Snyder. Her passion for entrepreneurship stretches beyond the norm, keeping busy with numerous business creations over the course of her career. Snyder is absolutely no stranger to taking chances. While she has been extremely successful at the building and creation of many companies throughout the years, as “branding is her passion,” says Snyder. She has also been equally successful at selling her creations. SOUTHERNALITY™ has been her longtime love and one that she has held onto, however!

The new Cookbook is a mouthwatering collection of her favorite down-home, easy-to-make, most requested meals that she created in her Alabama Orchard Home! Brandi, a self-proclaimed “Foodie,” loves ingredients but wanted to bring others something different than you’d see in a traditional cookbook.

SOUTHERNALITY™ is a Lifestyle Brand that began back in 2017. It has evolved from a one-of-a kind liquor brand that Snyder created and formulated in Louisville, Kentucky. Her signature launch flavor was Maple Bacon Clear Flavored Moonshine, and also established a trademarked SOUTHERNALITY™ Apparel line for the brand as well!

In 2021 Snyder re-branded and trademarked SOUTHERNALITY™ as a Coffee Brand. According to Snyder, “The only thing better than my Moonshine, is my coffee!” The newly branded coffee is a whole bean full flavored dark roast available only online currently. With the line constantly evolving, Snyder’s plans for the brand show no signs of slowing down.

Check out Brandi and the SOUTHERNALITY™ Brand, and don’t miss SOUTHERNALITY™, the Cookbook! It’s all about your favorite cup of coffee and cooking over an open fire. It’s front porch swingin’, good music and good company. It’s late-night bonfires, dropping the tailgate and watching the stars. It’s all about the simple things in life… and good food! Lots and lots of food!

A business mogul, Snyder encourages young entrepreneurs to chase after their dreams. She believes that not everything we do in life will be a huge success or the right fit, but regardless, you should do absolutely everything you want to do- it’s ok if something doesn’t work. Also, enjoy how you feel while creating it, and keep going.

The journey to success is never easy, and Snyder emphasizes that luck isn’t enough; you need to work hard. There’s nothing lucky about working smarter, harder, and being dedicated. Don’t be afraid to push yourself-blessings come to those who hustle and take chances. She also says not to listen to the naysayers who offer nothing but unjustified criticism to delay you from going after your dreams. Instead, focus on your goals, learn from your own and other people’s mistakes, and perfect them the next time.

“If you want something big in this life, intensify your focus, multiply your motivation and create some life goals. You cannot have a million-dollar dream with a minimum-wage work ethic, and you can’t have a life you love without a lifetime payment of passion,” Brandi Snyder sums up.

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