July 17, 2024
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Sudha Rani Yeluri: A Pioneering Force in Metabolic Health and Obesity Reduction

Sudha Rani Yeluri
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Sudha Rani Yeluri, an internationally recognized lifestyle and healthcare expert, who was awarded the academic excellence award in Endocrinology in 2011 by the health minister at NTR University of Health Sciences Vijayawada India and H Grade for capstone in MHA SanDiego in 2017, has been leading the charge against the global obesity epidemic for over 14 years. With an unwavering commitment to metabolic health and obesity prevention, Sudha has been instrumental in developing innovative strategies and solutions to promote healthier living habits and overall well-being.

As a metabolism and weight management specialist, Sudha has dedicated her career on a mission to create groundbreaking approaches that address the worldwide obesity crisis and foster healthier lifestyles. Sudha’s expertise extends beyond traditional healthcare settings, incorporating her skills in patient care, medical lab administration, and departmental management. Fluent in English, Hindi, and Telugu, she is also proficient in technical tools such as MS Office, MS Project, SPSS, Clinical SAS, Epic, Cerner, and 3M and Meditech.

Sudha’s academic background includes an MBBS from Rangaraya Medical College, an MD in Biochemistry from Kurnool Medical College, and a DM in Endocrinology from Andhra Medical College, India. Her education was further enriched with a Master’s in Healthcare Administration from National University, San Diego, and a PMP certification from San Diego, California.

Her impressive work experience includes a position as a Consultant Endocrinologist and Diabetologist in Hyderabad, India, where she provided exceptional diabetes care and treated various hormonal imbalances. She has also consulted for esteemed hospitals such as Sai Sudha Endocrine and Thyroid Center, Sunshine Hospital, and Fernandez Maternity Hospital.

In addition to her medical practice, Sudha has been actively involved in research and clinical trials. She served as a co-investigator at King George Hospital in Visakhapatnam, India, where she worked on Phase-3 trials in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (India). In this capacity, she ensured the study’s compliance with federal regulations and IRB requirements while maintaining the highest standards of data collection, documentation, and reporting.

Sudha’s dedication to her field extends to her volunteer work, which includes a tenure as an Administrative Assistant at Neighborhood Hospital and the American Cancer Society. Furthermore, she has served as a lab and research volunteer at UCSD, where she gained invaluable experience in RNA and cDNA preparation, cell culture, cell counting, and in vitro and in vivo sample handling, as well as flow cytometry and Flow-Jo and shadowed pediatric endocrinologist at Rady’s Hospital, San Diego,  California, USA 

Currently, Sudha is employed as a Coder Auditor at Prime Healthcare Management in Ontario, California. Sudha’s commitment to excellence in her field is evident in her high productivity, accuracy, and quality.

Sudha’s innovative and holistic approach to metabolic health and obesity reduction has garnered her recognition as a leading global authority in her field. Her dedication to developing cutting-edge solutions to combat the global obesity epidemic has made her a crucial figure in the fight for healthier living habits and overall wellness.

In conclusion, Sudha Rani Yeluri’s impressive career as a lifestyle and healthcare specialist has been marked by her unwavering commitment to metabolic health and obesity management. With her extensive experience and innovative contributions, Sudha continues to inspire and promote healthier lifestyles to millions of people worldwide.

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