June 22, 2024
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Supermodel to Supermom: Gigi Hadid Showing How to be the Best Celebrity Mom

Motherhood is one of a woman’s turning points in life. Having to care for another human being besides oneself, mothers see to it that their children are taken care of and are led to a good life path. While children of celebrities are often introduced to the public as soon as they were born, Gigi Hadid takes steps to keep her child’s private life secure and separate from her career. Doing her best in becoming the best mother for her daughter, Gigi emanates how to truly be a model not just as a supermodel but also as a mother.

Born in Los Angeles, California, to parents Mohamed Hadid and Yolanda Hadid, Gigi is a 25 years old American supermodel and television personality. She began her career at the age of two, modelling for Guess’ baby clothing line. Temporarily stopping to focus on studies and going back on the spotlight by 2011, Gigi Hadid’s knack for modeling made itself known as she returned to the industry seamlessly. She was born to be a model, and by pursuing what she’s good at, she established herself as one of the fashion industry’s most formidable competitors.

Aside from her stunning visuals and perfect looks, Gigi Hadid is known for her philanthropic acts. She participates in various fundraising programs, and she supports projects for various causes. In May 2020, she participated in a virtual charity tennis match which made her eligible to receive and donate $25,000 to any charity of her choice. She also advocates for the Black Lives Matter movement, and she stands up against the government’s Muslim Ban to fight for the rights of Muslims. With a soft spot for children in need, Gigi Hadid also works closely with UNICEF to assist children worldwide.

Now on the journey of motherhood, Gigi Hadid models how to be the best celebrity mom to Khai, her daughter. Enjoying the experience and at the same time keeping things private, she keeps Khai away from the public’s eye by not posting any pictures that show her face. The photos she posted on Instagram only show baby Khai’s back and hair, and it even took her four months to publicize Khai’s name.

Gigi Hadid takes time to enjoy the experience of having her baby girl grow up, while taking extra measures to ensure the safety of their privacy. She and her baby were spotted with Zayn Malik as they explored the aquarium in Coney Island, Brooklyn and the New York Aquarium. Gigi was also witnessed on a lunch date with her sister Bella Hadid and father Mohamed Hadid, who was seen pushing the stroller. She also posted a sweet photo of her child during their first easter together.

May it be celebrities or non-celebrities, women go through a transformational phase upon entering motherhood. Exploring the wonders and the beauty of motherhood, and at the same time, continuously pursuing one’s career path, may be challenging, but not as much as it is fruitful. While many struggle in the trial-and-error process of this new journey, Gigi Hadid takes pride in proving that she is a supermodel not just on the runway but on the path of motherhood.







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