June 23, 2024
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I Feel Safe: Taylor Lautner on ‘Speak Now’ (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor Lautner, star of the hit movie series “Twilight,” breaks the silence on the upcoming release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). In a TikTok video, Lautner kneels and begins to “pray for John (Mayer). The joke made fans happy, calling him the best ex in the comments section.

‘Speak Now’ (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor Swift announced the third re-recorded album on her first “The Eras Tour” in Nashville. On May 5th, the country singer turned pop star asked fans to look at the screen in the stadium for an announcement, which read “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) out on July 7th.”

The concert-goers went wild as the anticipation increased for the third album in Swift’s musical catalog. Even before the Eras Tour, Swifties already speculated that the next re-recorded album was Speak Now as it was an easter egg in the singer’s “Bejeweled” music video.

‘I Feel Safe. I Pray For John.’

Lautner, who happened to be one of Swift’s ex-boyfriends, jokingly asked support for John Mayer. As Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) becomes available, fans also joked about Swift coming for Mayer through the song Dear John, which she wrote at 19 to break up with the rockstar. The non-single but fan-favorite track described the relationship as a train wreck.

Similar to the effect of All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) (10 Minute Version) (From the Vault) to Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal, fans also expect Dear John to open a lot of wounds to the young love Swift had with Mayer. But unlike Gyllenhaal and Mayer’s experience with Swift, her passion for Lautner differed.

Spotted Filming

Following the album announcement, paparazzi photos of Swift and Lautner circulated the internet. The two, seemingly shooting a music video, created a buzz online and a discussion on which song they decided to collaborate on.

Shot in London, photographers captured Swift wearing her signature country boots, running away from something. The pop star also rocked her sparkly dress and curly blonde hair, similar to when she did the Speak Now World Tour. But what interests people is the action in the photo.

Swift was running away from something while carrying a framed portrait. However, until as of writing, no word from Swift’s camp came out to address the paparazzi photos. But it sure is something to look out for as the album release comes closer.

Taylor Squared

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift started dating in the early summer of 2009. The couple, whom the fans called “Taylor Squared,” starred in the romantic comedy film “Valentine’s Day,” which came out in 2010 but was filmed the year prior. They played the cheerleader and the jock in a high school, along with other characters celebrating the Day of Hearts.

They were still together during the infamous VMA incident in 2009 when Kanye West took over Swift’s moment to say Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” music video did better than “You Belong With Me.” However, after three months of dating together, the young couple called it quits in December. Hence, the song “Back to December.”

Taylor Lautner Today

Although Lautner and Swift did not end up together, Lautner met another Taylor. Taylor Dome was a friend introduced by Lautner’s little sister, Makena. Dome is the biggest Swiftie, the primary reason for the John Mayer video. The couple now shares the same surname, making them both Taylor Lautner.

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