July 18, 2024
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The FIrst Large-Scale Connect Party for Slavic People in Los Angeles by DVIZH USA

Sourced Photo
Sourced Photo

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On May 13, more than 400 business and creative professionals gathered in Los Angeles for the first large-scale Connect Party. The attendees gained new contacts, future business partners, and friends to help spur the success of their projects and endeavors.  The highly anticipated meeting inspired praise from participants and guests, who noted not only the organizers’ professionalism, but also their creative ability to energize guests. Indeed, the organizers excelled at creating an atmosphere that made meeting new friends and forming connections lively, comfortable, and enjoyable.  

One of the most memorable aspects of Connect Party was the “network police,” which randomly connected guests for a few minutes with pink, fluffy handcuffs. The new– and unexpected– pairs were able to form special connections and get to know one another in a lighthearted atmosphere.  

Moreover, the event had a range of exciting entertainment, including games, live music, and catering.  

The guests at Connect Party will forever remember the large-scale event that brought them together with future business partners, friends, and like-minded people. Guests received useful information regarding adapting to the US, the approval and development of their businesses, and much more.  

The program featured a diverse group of speakers from different countries and fields. Stand-up stars, millionaire bloggers, and successful entrepreneurs attended and spoke. Among them were Alexander Nezlobin, Sergey Romanovich, Nelly Anderson, Denis Maximov, Lisa Kon, Ksenia Yudina, Anatoly Vlasov, Nadia Asoyan, Boris Kisko, and many others. 

Those who missed the first Connect Party should not fret– the DVIZH event organizing team is already preparing for the next event, with stars, entertainment, speakers, and guests lining up to attend. The excitement around the inaugural event, as well as the abundance of positive feedback from partners Hollywood Rides, Mariya Shmagliy, PR Agency PRME, Forum Daily, and BAZAR CLUB, is enough to inspire confidence that the next Connect Party is expected to be even more of a success.  

We thank all participants, as well as partners, who allowed Connect Party guests to take exciting and productive steps towards business development and personal growth.  

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