June 22, 2024
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The Kiki & G Show is an American Dog Park Adventure on Youtube

The Kiki & G Show is an American Dog Park Adventure on Youtube
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The Kiki and G Show is a web series on Youtube, and it follows Kiki and her dog G for Giovanni all over the country while they explore new places and things to do together. Kiki Produced the show after overcoming a life-changing tragedy of an accident that put her in a wheelchair for many months. Kiki’s dog, G, was by her side to support her, which helped her through the tough times to recover. The show is a tribute to that friendship and shows how fun traveling in an RV and exploring with your dog can be. Kiki finds dog-friendly activities and America’s best dog parks. Dogs can explore off-leash at these exceptional dog parks, runs, and trails and experience beautiful landscapes. Four-legged friends will love the chance to run wild in the outdoors at these pet-approved parks. Kiki travels RVing to CampGrounds with Awesome Dog Parks Across the Country with her best friend G. We had the opportunity to interview her for Entertainment Monthly News about her journey filming The Kiki & G Show

Where did you grow up?

Born and raised in Prescott, AZ 

What’s your favorite animal? 

I love all animals and enjoy learning about all of them! I grew up on a ranch, so I was always around horses and barn animals, but lately, I have been spending more time with dogs, and dogs are what I specialize in. 

How did you get into modeling? 

Quite by accident, actually! I studied film production and really enjoy being behind the camera. Modeling in front of it was never really something I had considered. I did a pin-up shoot just for fun with some friends, and one thing led to another, and here we are! After my accident, I thought I would never get the opportunity to have a career in modeling, and I overcame that with hope and determination. The will to get where I wanted to be in my life. HOPE! 

What modeling jobs have you done? 

I still prefer to be behind the camera, but most of the jobs I have done have been print work for small companies or pin-up shoots. Currently, I am hosting a YouTube show, and I have found I really enjoy hosting, so I’m hoping to continue down that path.

When did you move to California?

I moved to Los Angeles in 2013. I didn’t know anyone didn’t have a job, but I had a dream, so I packed up my dog and everything I owned in my Jeep and headed to California! 

Tell us about your dog travels, and the dog show you are working on and why. 

The show is called Kiki & G, and it follows my dog and I all over the country while we explore new places and things to do with your dog. Finding dog-friendly activities or good dog parks while traveling can be challenging, and there are so many amazing parks to explore. I guess you could say we are searching for America’s best dog park! How did that come about? When I was living in LA, I was unfortunately in a serious motorcycle accident where I was run over by a car. I faced a leg amputation and the possibility I would never walk again. After spending a year in a wheelchair, and thankfully with both legs attached, I had to relearn to walk again. I was in a very dark place and spent over two years recovering. My faithful dog was there for me through it all, walking next to me while I was in the wheelchair and then helping me learn to walk again by becoming my crutch. I can honestly say I don’t think I would be walking again if it had not been for him, so I wanted to do something amazing for him. He loves to go camping and explore new places, and you only live once, so I decided to take a chance. I got rid of everything I owned, bought a camper trailer, and took my dog on a cross-country road trip designed just for him! It was nice for me too, of course, because I wanted to see the country as well, so we lived in my camper and traveled the US for about two years. Just me and my faithful senior dog! 

What is your role in the show? 

When I first came up with the idea of the show, it was kind of a joke and something to do just for fun. Originally, I didn’t want to be in it at all. Again, I enjoyed being behind the camera, but as we started traveling, I realized the potential of the show and ended up hosting it. Well, not only hosting, it’s pretty much a one-woman show. I shoot, edit (with a little help), record the voiceover, plan the locations, and write the script. 

When does it air? 

It has episodes up on YouTube, and we have many more to come! 

How did you start Dog Rescue? 

Again, this was quite by accident. I have had my dog since he was eight weeks old, and he is 15 now, so it’s safe to say he is part of my family. The nonprofit was formed because I saw a need on one of my trips to Ukraine and wanted to help other pet parents. I know firsthand how my dog helped me survive trauma, and I feel that no one should have to pick between having their pet and a safe shelter. The non-profit is focused on helping pet parents in traumatic situations find shelter that allows them to keep their animals with them. 

What dogs have you rescued? 

Since my nonprofit is brand new, I was able to work with other organizations while in Ukraine and Poland and assisted them in rescuing all sorts of animals, as well as bringing them food and supplies. We even fed lions at a zoo that had been starving and were able to travel around Ukraine, providing aid where it was needed. I set up a GoFundMe before my NGO was official, and through donations, I was able to help 74 refugees who fled the war find shelter with their pets and provide food and basic supplies. 

You’re a businesswoman as well; tell us what you do. 

My degree is in film production, and currently, I run my own creative consulting company. I am able to build on creative ideas in many different settings: styling, shooting videos, shooting still photos, color design, and editing for marketing campaigns and live events. I’m also taking a step into the nonprofit world, and I plan to make a transition to devote more of my time to that.

Where can we follow you?

Below is a Promo for the Kiki&G Show. Check it out. 


Instagram: @kiki_and_gshow

Youtube: https://youtube.com/@KikiGShow?si=- e5lTzQgzEOLa-6d 

Website: www.Kikiandg.com 

The nonprofit is called Kiki&G in honor of my dog, and the website is www.kikiandg.org 

How can we see your Dog Travel Show?


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