May 20, 2024
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The Lady Of Heaven, the Inspiring Blockbuster That Will Open Your Minds and Break Your Heart

While The Lady of Heaven is, without a doubt, entertaining, it is also an informative film bringing light to a topic many Americans are unaware of. The majority of Americans’ exposure to issues concerning Iraq, Iran, or the larger Islamic community stems from American media surrounding “The War on Terror.” So, to have a film, such as The Lady of Heaven, tell the story and explain the roots of the terror groups America has long since engaged with is captivating, to say the least.

The informative aspect of this film examines and explores two significant points. First, the film depicts the historical roots of ISIS, giving viewers a look into this infamous terrorist group’s origins. Second, the film examines Lady Fatima’s history. The Lady’s story, alongside the origins, motives, and history of the terror groups still present in our world, come to paint a more well-rounded picture for Americans.

Director Eli King and writer Sheikh Al-Habib joined creative consultant Academy Award winner John Stephenson OBE to create The Lady of Heaven. Additionally, executive producers Richard Rionda Del Castro, Irakli Chikvaidze, Abdul Malik Shlibak, producers Matthew Kuipers and the Enlightened Kingdom rounded out the team behind this film.

The Lady of Heaven features Ray Fearon (Beauty And The Beast) as Abu Bakr, Christopher Sciueref (300: Rise Of An Empire), Mark Anthony Brighton (Doctor Strange), Denise Black (Coronation Street) as Bibi, and Lucas Bond (Summerland) as Jamal. Along with Sami Karim (The Looming Tower) as Khalid, Albane Courtois (Gentleman Jack) as Fatima Lanrawi, Matthew Brenher (Spy Wars) as Mukhayreeq, Chris Jarman (Tattoo Fixers) as Bilal, Yasmin Mwanza (Spider-man: Far From Home) as Fidda, Dimitri Andreas (Layer Cake) as Salman, and Oscar Garland (DES) as Raed.

Additionally, many religious experts dedicated themselves, alongside the cast and crew, to depict the holy figures and storylines that make up The Lady of Heaven. Ultimately the film is brought to audiences by Hannibal Media and Enlightened Kingdom.

“The Lady is held dear in the hearts of billions worldwide, but her story has never been shared through film. Her story is a universal one that we can all learn from, teaching us the best response to corruption and power-hungry politicians,” the filmmakers explain, “She is a powerful and important historical character that many in the world have never been introduced to.”

The plot of The Lady of Heaven follows Laith, a young Iraqi child, grappling with his mother’s brutal and graphic murder, which he was a witness of. Luckily for Laith, he is rescued by an Iraqi soldier who brings Laith to Bibi, a doting grandmother. Bibi tries to comfort Laith with the therapeutic story of Lady Fatima, or The Lady of Heaven.

The Lady’s story kicks off the dueling timelines of The Lady of Heaven. Viewers are soon going back and forth between Lady Fatima’s brutal struggle with religious persecution and Laith’s internal struggle to cope with his mother’s murder.

Ultimately we see Laith learn from the Lady’s story and bring love and patience into his own life, which in turn saves the life of his friend.

The film’s writer Sheikh Al-Habib states, “This film conveys a message of love and call to a better mindset when dealing with challenges. I am certain that should humanity follow in the steps of The Lady, peace, justice, and equality will prevail and triumph. I pray for this to happen.”

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