May 30, 2024
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The Man Behind the Lens: Joshua Valentin on How Dreams Fueled His Journey as a Videographer

Born into a creative family, Joshua Valentin always had a passion and a natural inclination towards a path that involved artistry. Spending many years exploring his potential as a creator, Joshua stumbled upon cameras and lenses, which later on developed into his deep love for videography and photography. Today, he merges his creative vision with his entrepreneurial brilliance and aims to help people tell their stories through visual masterpieces.

Joshua Valentin is a rising name in the videography and photography industry because of his unique perspective. He has a distinct way of translating visions into realities. His bold use of camera angles, movements, colors, and space perfectly encapsulates the subject he is working with, mostly with upcoming and seasoned artists in the music industry. Backed with an extensive portfolio of captivating projects, Joshua has successfully propelled his name to be one of the top-of-mind music video producers in the game.

Asked what motivated him to pursue such a career path, Joshua Valentin shared that his parents always taught him to dream big. But he also stressed that their guidance wasn’t all daydreams and words. He shared that his mother and father both instilled within him the value of working hard to chase his dreams, and so he did. Fueled by his love for the arts, Joshua continuously pushed through the battles despite encountering various stumbling blocks along the way.

Growing up, Joshua Valentin often experienced bullying and discrimination because of his color, race, and distinct accent. Although the journey was difficult, he kept pushing himself for growth. Clouded with the criticisms of other people around him, Joshua decided to brush it off and continued to work hard for his dreams. Like his father, he also wanted to build a business that has an impact on others. And so, driven by the dream of also building a legacy, he carried himself through his storms. 

Furthermore, Joshua Valentin also highlighted how his career blossomed when he met his wife, who shares the same passion for photography as himself. Together, they started photographing models, marking the beginning of a business venture that would soon serve clients from all walks of life. The power couple then expanded their services to weddings and various events. With all the projects that streamed their way, connections also began to form for Joshua and his partner. 

Soon enough, Joshua Valentin faced more doors opening for him. It led him to learn more about videography and saw it as another way to tell stories other than photographs. Joshua’s interest grew as he began assisting in different music video productions until he finally learned the ropes and felt ready to lead his own team. Today, he is one of the most established and respected music video videographers and producers in the landscape and has even built his own production company from the ground up.

In five years, Joshua Valentin aims to expand into movie production and use his creative eye for bigger projects. He wants to bring life to narratives and work with other creative minds to produce something fresh for audiences worldwide. Joshua aims to produce the biggest movies Hollywood is yet to see, and without a doubt, with his unrivaled creativity and impeccable work ethic, he will.

To learn more about Joshua Valentin, visit his Instagram.

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