July 24, 2024
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This Builder and Real Estate Developer Ran His ProjectsWhile Unjustly Serving Time In Prison. Here’s the Full Story of Rich Lamphere

This Builder and Real Estate Developer Ran His ProjectsWhile Unjustly Serving Time In Prison. Here’s the Full Story of Rich Lamphere
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Rich Lamphere is a name that deserves more recognition. Working on submarines, to building and developing commercial/multi-family properties throughout California, his story has no shortage of determination, drama, and desire to succeed.. Despite battling both the economic downturns of the 90s and 2008, as well as being wrongfully convicted of fraud in 2016 – Rich Lamphere managed to continue building and developing throughout California.As he continues to build his name as a builder and developer, his story serves as an inspiration for others.Here are the details. 

A High School Quarterback and Lofty Ambitions

Lamphere’s professional journey started with humble beginnings. Growing up in a small town, his story starts like a classic all-American movie. He graduated high school as the starting quarterback and would marry his long-term highschool girlfriend(who was also the homecoming queen their senior year)a few years later.  Careerwise, he learned carpentry and commercial construction while working in the Bay Area of California.

“I worked on nuclear submarines for several years before having the opportunity to work as a union carpenter in the Bay Area.” Joining the carpenter’s union in California, he quickly made a name for himself through his work ethic and drive for excellence. He quickly climbed the ladder and earned his journeyman’s card in a much faster time than most. This was just the beginning of his journey. “My foreman gave me my journeyman’s card after my second class of apprenticeship. He said you may not think you deserve it [journeyman’s card] this early – someday I believe the company will not be able to pay you enough.” Rich didn’t realize it then –

After a few years working for the union, he started his own company as a commercial framing subcontractor then a general contractor.  A few years after that, he would jump into development. “I realized that developers were making more money and doing bigger projects -I wanted to do that.” Over the years, he has built some of the most successful commercial and multifamily projects in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. e

Challenges Ahead

His success, however, wasn’t without its trials. Besides the learning curves of running businesses and managing all the different moving parts of construction and real estate projects, he would find himself struggling with unexpected challenges. First, the economic downturns of the 90s and the 2008 financial crisis hit his business hard. The real storm arrived in 2011 when he  was falsely accused of embezzling over $1.5 million. Despite his pleas of innocence and a substantial amount of finances spent on an exceptional legal team , Lamphere was handed a five-year prison sentence. “The district attorney did a better job convincing the jury the charges were true than our defense team did  of convincing them they were false.”

For the small town-raised businessman, husband, and father of two – this sentence should have been devastating. Time behind bars could have been a breaking point. Lamphere saw it as an opportunity. “I had to surrender everything to God. I had to face the reality of incarceration and   was determined to be a light in a dark place.” He stayed involved with many of his projects through daily phone calls with associates on the outside. He also spent this time focusing on personal growth, working out, working at the prison facility, and leading Bible studies with fellow inmates.

After serving his time in prison, he wasted no time in returning to building commercial and multi-family projects. “I was still on probation for two years after my release, however, my clients never believed the charges against me were true.”That was in 2019.  Since then, he has continued to build on his success by leveraging his strong work ethic, connections, and desire to excel at everything he does. 

More Than Real Estate and Money

Today, Lamphere isn’t solely focused on his business. He’s also passionate about using his story to inspire and help others. “If my experiences can inspire others to keep going when faced with challenges, then everything I went through was well worth it,” he says. He’s actively involved in philanthropic work, particularly with organizations like Prison Fellowship – which is an organization that works to restore America’s criminal justice system and help men and women to replace the cycle of brokenness that landed them in prison. 


Rich Lamphere’s story is one of relentless perseverance, resilience, and unyielding belief in turning challenges into successes.Despite facing false convictions, time in prison, and economic downturns, he has always emerged stronger and more determined. Today, he’s not only a success in the building and construction industry he also an inspiring figure for others facing adversity.

To delve deeper into Rich Lamphere’s incredible journey and to stay updated on his inspiring endeavors, follow him on Instagram, visit his website.

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