May 22, 2024
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This San Francisco Non-Profit, Sentry Living Solutions, Is Fostering Independence for Disabled Adults

This San Francisco Non-Profit, Sentry Living Solutions, Is Fostering Independence for Disabled Adults
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Nearly 1 in 4 individuals in the United States have a disability. A percentage of those with disabilities cannot live independently, meaning they require services and support to live healthy, happy, and safe lives. That’s where Sentry Living Solutions steps in. Founded by Carlos Cienfuegos, the San Francisco-based organization transforms the lives of adults with developmental disabilities through its exceptional Supported Living Services (SLS). 

For Cienfuegos, the journey of Sentry Living Solutions was born out of his inherent passion for helping others. Thanks to his heart for mission-driven work and a desire to make a real impact, Cienfuegos has created a haven for adults with developmental disabilities needing assistance in basic life skills, allowing them to maintain their independence.

“There were two things that happened. I always wanted to start my own business, and my heart has always wanted to help people,” Cienfuegos says. “The two came together, and I saw that there were so many improvements to be made when it came to helping those with disabilities. Organization, streamlining things, and being more modern were just a few ideas.”

Since its launch six years ago, Sentry Living Solutions’ growth has been tremendous. Cienfuegos credits success to its many impressive services, including its Supported Living Services. These services encompass an extensive array of support, including meal preparation, household activities, medical care scheduling, animal care, housing selection, interpersonal relationship building, emergency service usage, financial management, and community engagement, among others. 

“We provide educational services and teach life skills. The goal is to help individuals achieve a level of independence from their family and support system,” Cienfuegos explains. “Some achieve this level of independence, and we end up working ourselves out of the job as they become busy with work or school. However, others continue to need support throughout their lives.”

To access Sentry Living Solutions’ Supported Living Services, individuals with developmental disabilities in California can affiliate with a regional center. The regional center then collaborates with vendors like Sentry Living Solutions to provide the necessary services. Depending on the state, the process may differ, with some states working through Medicare while others, like California, operate through the Department of Developmental Services (DDS).

“If you’re affiliated with a regional center, we can work with you. Each state has different systems; for example, in Florida, they work with Medicare, whereas in California, it’s all through the Department of Developmental Services (DDS),” Cienfuegos explains. “DDS allocates funds to regional centers in each county, and each regional center works with different vendors.”

Committed to empowering the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities, Cienfuegos envisions continued growth and expansion for Sentry Living Solutions. One of the organization’s recent initiatives includes the Employment Program, which collaborates with the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) to connect clients with job opportunities that align with their abilities and interests.

“In our behavioral program, we are now working directly through insurance. We aim to be less reliant on regional centers and become more independent,” Cienfuegos says. “We have also purchased a home to serve as transitional housing for individuals in Supported Living Services, providing a stepping stone towards more permanent arrangements.”

By offering a comprehensive range of Supported Living Services, Sentry Living Solutions strives to foster independence, build strong connections, and create a community that cherishes the unique qualities of each individual. As the organization continues to make strides in changing lives, Carlos Cienfuegos remains a driving force behind its success, demonstrating that true transformation is possible with passion, purpose, and compassion.

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