May 20, 2024
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10 in Real Estate

Buying a property goes beyond seeing what you like, shelling the cash and signing the paperwork. Some leading realtors have likened the process of buying a property of any kind, most importantly, a house, as one of the most particularly refreshing periods in every human’s life. 

However, very few real estate agents hold sacred the concept of helping individuals and families buy their dream homes and ensuring that a relationship based on trust and service delivery has been built. 

Therefore, before you go on a buying spree, get to know some of the Real Estate Agents and in this list, we present to you the best Real Estate Agents in the United States, 2021.

  1. Steve Haddadin

Steve Haddadin entered the Real Estate industry at the age of 18. He has a diverse base of experience including selling Commercial and Residential properties, Management of Office and Retail properties, Lending, and Development.

Steve is the Founder and President/ Broker of King Real Estate Group, a Full-Service Real Estate Company located in Brea, CA. He offers his clients the benefit of sophisticated analytical skills, and is committed to providing the highest quality of Real Estate services available in the industry.

Steve Haddadin is driven by serving others. Haddadin serves as a board member of the Center for Real Estate at California State University, Fullerton College of Business & Economics. He reformed the center by fostering numerous industry relations with organizations such as the CCIM®️ Institute, ICSC, and IREM. He has connected with and inspired many students interested in Real Estate.

Website: www.stevehaddadin.com; www.kingrealestategroup.com 

  1. Santiago Arana

Santiago Arana is a Bolivia native who arrived in the U.S. in 2003. He has made a name for himself in the property listing and everything real estate in nearly two decades. He is currently ranked #6 on the list of the top realtors in LA and has been on the scene for about 11 years. With billions of dollars closed in deals, he is regarded as one of the most distinguished real estate agents in the entire United States.

Arana is credited for the arrival of the new king of LA; he was also the listing agent on LeBron James’ Brentwood home and developing the $23 million new build.

Website: www.theagencyre.com/idx/work-with-agent/143706 

  1. Drew Fenton

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Drew, at an early age, came to appreciate delicate and luxury designs, and from then on, his passion for real estate grew. Drew is a graduate of Harvard Westlake and USC, and his impressive collection of over 500 books on design and architecture puts him ahead in the industry.

Drew has an unparalleled sales record in the city of LA, which includes the sale of a Sierra Towers condo for $6.5 million to former Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman. Also, he currently holds a $350 million listing of Jerry Perenchio’s estate on Chartwood. By 2022, Drew is expected to have one development by Nile Niami listed in his name; a property predicted to come into the market for $500 million. 

Website: www.drewfenton.com 

  1. Josh Flagg

Joshua Daniel Flagg (born August 20, 1985) is an American real estate agent, television personality, author, and contributor to several real estate publications and news outlets. Operating out of Los Angeles, CA, Flagg recorded over $170 million in sales in 2017 and scored a per-square-foot record in Little Holmby Hills with the $12.9 million sale of Anders Eisner’s Spanish-style home in June. 

He is also the longest-running cast member of Bravo Television Network’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, which follows young real estate agents in the Los Angeles Area as they sell high-end homes. 

Flagg has been recognized by Wall Street Journal and The Hollywood Reporter as one of the high-ranking real estate agents in California and Top 25 Real Estate Agents, respectively.

Website: www.joshflagg.com 

  1. Forster Jones

Sally Forster Jones is a Los Angeles-based real estate agent and broker recognized as a leading expert in the luxury real estate market. With several years of experience and multi-million dollars in sales completed, Sally is a regular feature on national publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and CNN. Additionally, she is invited to speak on topics relating to the Real Estate market. 

Sally Forster Jones operates out of Southern California, which she calls home. Over the years, she has closed more than 5,000 transactions, totaling $8 billion. Sally is also one of the few Real Estate Brokers to have been featured on The Hollywood Reporter’s Top Real Estate Agents ranking year after year. 

Website: www.sallyforsterjones.com 

  1. Marc Noah

Only five years in the Real Estate Business and Marc Noah has already cemented his name as one of the most influential real estate agents in Los Angeles. Following a decade of working as a lender, Marc had his big break as a broker while at The Century and brokered the sale of a $4 million condo at the tower where Rihanna and Matthew Perry own flats.

Marc’s rise in the industry has been described as meteoric because within 40 days of getting his license, he closed at least $15 million worth of properties.

Last year, Marc sold his first $20 million-plus property when he represented the buyer and seller of Alkiviades David’sDavid’s (Coca-Cola bottling billionaire) house on Summit Drive.

Website: www.MarcNoah.com 

  1. Alexa Lambert

Alexa Lambert is a leading name in the New York Real Estate scene, having actively participated in the market for almost three decades. She was a broker at Stribling & Associates before Compass purchased it.

 Alexa has been responsible for selling some of the most expensive and prestigious properties in Manhattan while equally participating in every neighborhood and property type. For instance, in 2020, Alexa was ranked the number one residential broker in the United States by The Wall Street Journal/Real Trends. She also ranked number one in the same publication for realtors in New York City.

Most notable among her recent sales include a $19 million Fifth Avenue co-op, a downtown townhouse for nearly $30 million, a Central Park West penthouse for over $15 million, among several others.

Website: www.compass.com/agents/alexa-lambert      

  1. Deborah Rieders

Deborah Rieders is another household name in the United States as far as real estate is concerned. Dubbed the queen of the Brooklyn Real Estate scene, Deborah has achieved for herself the status of the Real Estate of the Year Award year in year out since she made her entry into the business.

Although originally from Boston, she came to New York to pursue her education at Barnard College as an undergraduate, after which she decided to remain permanently in New York, earning her master’s degree in design and photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology along the line.

Deborah has hundreds of successful transactions and billion-dollar completed deals to show as a result of her hard work and tenacity, two characteristics she has exhibited since day 1.

Website: www.deborah-rieders.com 

  1. Kathryn Alphas Richlen

Kathryn Alphas Richlen is regarded as one of Weston’s most trusted and respected real estate professionals in the industry. With nearly 20 years of experience in the West of Boston real estate scene, Kathryn has experienced the various economic cycles and how they, directly and indirectly, impact real estate sales. Suppose the last two decades were anything to talk about. In that case, it is how much information Kathryn has firsthand and, most importantly, how to navigate the unstable waters of the real estate market successfully and consistently bring joy and satisfaction to her clients’ faces.

With $900 million in deals completed so far and still counting, Kathryn remains the top 1% of all Coldwell Banker Agents, currently ranking 27 globally and number 1 in Massachusetts.

Website: www.kathrynrichlen.com 

  1. Neal Ward

He is currently regarded as a top-ranked realtor in the United States, where he is at the forefront of changing the way real estate businesses were conducted in the past. Neal is a clear definition of a tech-savvy realtor pushing for a complete revolution of the real estate industry.

His passion for creating memorable experiences made him a natural fit for the National Director of Bars for Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants. However, his position on the ranking of leading actors and the most peaceful, loving individuals are asking for a way out. The millions of dollars he has contributed in sales since then had opened Neal up to the general public’s attention who might be looking for the services of a realtor. Website: www.nealwardproperties.com

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