June 21, 2024
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10 Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2022

Starting as a photo-sharing application, Instagram has since become part of the world’s top social media sites. It has roughly one billion active users from all industries, such as creatives like visual artists, photographers, models, actors, and musicians. Entrepreneurs and professionals also utilize the site.

Given this, the platform makes for an excellent vehicle that helps build one’s network and scale their reach. In fact, countless individuals have already risen to fame and achieved the highly coveted influencer status because of Instagram. This remarkable phenomenon ultimately ushered in a new breed of internet celebrities. However, as the platform continues to become heavily saturated with established profiles that have millions of followers, it can be quite overwhelming for users to decide which accounts to follow.

As such, we have rounded up 10 IG accounts you should follow in 2022:

  1. Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is one of the funniest guys in show business. The 42-year-old performer started as a standup comic and is known for talking about his life experiences, misadventures, and insecurities on stage. Because of his funny antics and hilarious yet somehow relatable stories, he was able to go on several comedy tours starting with I’m a Grown Little Man in 2009.

From his early days, Kevin has since broken through to the mainstream and has appeared in several blockbuster comedy movies like the Scary Movie franchise, Death at a Funeral, and Meet the Fockers. However, the talented man had also shown his impressive acting chops, especially in the past few years when he headlined a few drama films such as  The Upside and Fatherhood.

Instagram: @kevinhart4real

  1. White Boy and the Average Rat Band

Kings of the underground music scene, White Boy and the Average Rat Band, the dynamic power-trio rock band founded by Mike Matney, recently dropped their new single and video, “Holy Cow“, and within the last 11 days since the release, have garnered over 12,000 YouTube views and 8000 Facebook likes. Since the release, over 28,000 have been viewed on YouTube. Two years in the making, the song came to life during the heart of the pandemic and the nation’s social and political unrest. 

The message of the song and the content of the band’s video faces these issues artistically head-on while highlighting spirituality. Plans for a 2022 summer/fall tour include festivals and venues in the Southeast. Recently they have been on the Chubb Show, RETV, and The Crowd. Baltimore’s RNR TV will air the video in the 2nd half of March into the 1st 2 weeks of April, 2022. OKTV in Germany will be airing the video to over 4 million homes in the southern and western regions of the country. 

RX Music pool, servicing the MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, the Bellagio and other resorts as well as The Music Network-OTT streaming app available online and via Roku and Apple TV will be airing the song/video.

Instagram: @whiteboyandtheaverageratband

Website: www.whiteboyandtheaverageratband.com

  1. E-Stro

LA rapper turned punk rock singer is highly anticipated with his new releases, which he has been teasing across social media while staying true to his struggles with toxicity. Beginning with his debut album “Trust Issues,” E-Stro shows his lack of trust in other people, but as you progress through the album, he slowly reveals that his real trust issues are with himself. He is rumored to drop new content every two to three weeks with a unique sound, and hidden messages and content within these releases with opportunities for fans to figure them out. Anyone looking for new age punk rock, pop, rap, E-Stro will be the one to tap in with. 

Instagram: @e_stro

Website: www.ampl.ink/xvZYr 

  1. Dr. Alexa D’Agostino

Alexa D’Agostino, Ph.D. is an entrepreneur, investor, digital marketer, and business coach. She founded her first marketing agency at the age of 18 and sold it for millions in 2014. As an experienced entrepreneur, she has now built over 12 6, 7, and 8-figure companies and had had five exits (largest $120m). She currently is running a coaching program called Thynktank Coaching and a full-service marketing and PR agency, Thynkfuel.

Instagram: @dralexadagostino

Website: www.thynktankcoaching.com

  1. Banga Roye

Born July 26, 1992 in New Britain, CT, Banga noticed her love and passion for music, since the age of 8. She never really idolized any other artist , but had great respect for artist such as Nipsey Hussle, Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross , Siya , future and Mozzy. From the different types of music she listened to, she learned how to break down full songs, from the melody, to the instruments, to the tempo. Although, her ability to rap off of those very things, help put her in her own lyrical lane. Her versatility is unmatched, and she has so far proven her ability to collaborate with people such as FredTheGodson.

Besides making music Banga always had a passion for writing which grew from her personal experiences from childhood to now, whether it was from a thought or feeling, enduring the life she lived. From being the oldest of four, to losing their mother from Lung cancer in 2019, she continues to push forward to her ultimate goal. SUCCESS!! Not only has she referenced some of hip hop’s elite music artists, she proves with her body of work why she deserves a seat.

Her latest solo project “RSKY BHVR” was released August 23, 2021, on all major platforms, such as Apple Music, Spotify, & YouTube with an intriguing amount of streams as an independent artist on Spotify. Prior to her latest project, she released her single “No Time” produced by Tek Banks, which did over 40K via Spotify, but was taken down due to her separation with her former label. Previous to that she has leaked several songs which can also be found on all major digital platforms, as well as her late single “WWYD” ft (the late) Fred The Godson produced by AdotTheGod. Banga strives for everything she believes in, especially her music. She is slowly catching the eyes of industry leaders , and is slowly climbing her way to the top with her supportive fans and peers apart from her fan base.

Spotify: Banga Roye

Instagram: @realbangaroye

  1. Zovik

Well known for her rich, distinctive & soothing tone, Zovik is a contemporary singer/songwriter, based in Los Angeles, whose music style mixes Pop/Synth, Ballads, and Pop/EDM into one incredible sound.

In 2016 she released her debut “Holding On” which she co-wrote with Philly K & Madi Rindge. Produced by Gemini Muziq, the striking track reached # 16 on Lebanon’s NRJ radio station. She followed up with “Wanting more”, a subtle synth-pop with seductive vocals.

Working with EDM producers, Anthony Keyrouz & Ludomir, she penned the song “Take me” which went on to receive airplay on Radio One Lebanon.

Her most recent release is a powerful cover of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’. The track was released to all streaming platforms on Dec. 21. “I fell in love with ‘Hallelujah’ when I first heard it,” Zovik said. “I knew I had to perform it and add my own touch.“

Since releasing “Hallelujah” and her music video on YouTube, Zovik has received praise from fans for her thriving rendition of the famous song racking up thousands of views and streams via streaming platforms.

Alongside music, Zovik has a Masters in civil engineering, her own words: (“Music & engineering keep a balance in my life”.

Spotify: Hallelujah – Zovik

YouTube: Zovik Music

Instagram: @ZovikMusic

  1. Queen Jackie A

Queen Jackie A is an Award Winning Holistic Life/Intimacy Coach, who assists couples in putting the spice back into their relationship through role play, massage, tantra and open communication. Relationships can become stagnant, and it’s important to provide a safe zone without judgment for partners to openly express their feelings in order to grow. Favorite quote: “Let’s Get Naked” to be completely is to be transparent with self and your partner!

Queen JackieA, has won many prestigious awards such as an Expy Award for media and communications, Senator Ben Cardin Award for Business and Community Development, Black Wall Street Award for leadership just to name a few. 

Queen Jackie A has touched many lives and educates people on the importance of intimacy through her online radio show called Intimate Connectionz that airs live every other Wednesday from 7:00pm to 8:30pm on Spreaker, iHeart radio, under Mixxstation radio! She believes that if more people understood all the different forms of intimacy, then this world would be a world filled with love! Intimacy is love!

 Website: www.queenjackie.net 

  1. Tyler Bray

Tyler Bray is the manager of the North Star Boys, the first Asian American content group. He’s on a mission to inspire. He’s been listed to Forbes 30 Under 30, Inc. 5k & more.

Instagram: @tylerbray

Website: www.tyler-bray.com

  1. Louis Vesovski

Louis Vesovski from Toronto, Ontario 24 Years old. Started trading stocks at 18 to earn additional money while in school. After reaching many of my goals I started filming content on YouTube and Tik tok having fun with my friends experiencing new things in life sending a positive message.

Instagram: @louisvesovski

Website: www.louisvesovski.com

  1. Jayneto

Jayneto is an independent artist born in Baltimore Maryland. Jay has been doing music for 13 years now. He started music when his uncle Tony introduced him to the sound at the age of 10. He remembers him playing that organ and it moved him in ways he couldn’t explain. 

Since then Jayneto has been making music and He has recently dropped an EP called Alcatraz and is working on a new album which is the sequel to that album called “…where you can’t escape”. Jayneto also has great friends W.B.K, Princelightskin, & Silent montage. Those are his closest friends and music partners and they all are working on a collaboration tape together. Instagram: @jaynetox

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