May 25, 2024
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10 in Real Estate

Top 10 Real Estate

Real estate has been touted as one of the best investments anybody can get involved in. Rightly so, it has minted its share of successful people and millionaires over the years. It is also one of the safest investments if approached with caution. The key to success in real estate is having the financing ability for a piece of property and choosing the right property. As a heavily touted industry, people have built fortunes in real estate, and as with every industry, there are top people that other people look up to or aspire to be like. Here’s a look at the top ten entrepreneurs in real estate

  1. Grant Cardone

Anyone who has dabbled in real estate knows the name “Grant Cardone.” With annual revenues exceeding seven zeroes, Grant is a walking legend among his peers. The best-selling author, financial expert, coach, motivational speaker, and serial entrepreneur is hailed as the textbook of success for modern-day realtors. 

Initially launching his career in sales, the internationally-renowned mogul later branched into real estate. The industry’s boundless potential for growth and his laser-focused dedication to his clients immediately catapulted him to unprecedented heights. 

This inspired Grant to invest in elevating those around him. So, he launched Cardone Enterprises and Cardone Capital. As CEO of his ventures, Grant Cardone forwards his authored winning strategy “The 10X Rule,” which massively scales business growth – naming the entrepreneur Forbes Magazine’s #1 Marketer to Watch. 

Instagram: @grantcardone 

Website: www.grantcardone.com

  1. Mimi Hwang

Mimi is not new to the commercial real estate scene. As an investor herself, she says she often welcomes emotion into the decision making process. In life and in deals it is not always black and white.

In the Louisville market she has been instrumental in negotiating landmark leases with national tenants such as Insomnia Cookies and Five Guys.

Her areas of expertise are multifamily, mixed use work/live, retail and restaurant.

She credits her father, a 1984 Los Angeles Olympic medalist and her mother for instilling valuable hard work ethic, a never give up spirit, and an always humble and grateful attitude.

LinkedIn: Mimi Hwang

  1. Sun Hongbin

Sun Hongbin is a Chinese real estate mogul who operates and runs his businesses and investments in China. Although a United States citizen, he is one of China’s largest real estate developers through his company Sunac China Holdings. Sun Hongbin handles mostly medium-scale to large-scale and high-end residential properties. With a net worth estimated to be around $9 billion, Sun Hongbin was in the middle of Wanda Group’s hotel and tourism portfolio sale which cost $9.3 billion, a deal announced to be the second-biggest in China’s real estate history. Sun Hongbin has without a doubt paid his dues with his influence transcending China into the United States and other parts of the world.

  1. Marlyn Custodio Fularon

Marlyn Custodio Fularon’s entrepreneurial, maternal, and investment expertise has won the trust of families, investors, and community leaders that span across the US, Asia, and Europe. She has paved her way as one of the most reliable, creative, and leading real estate agents since 1985. Marlyn specializes in residential and commercial real estate which consists of listed and off market hotels, apartments, assisted living, and shopping malls.

Through hard work and devotion for over 35 years, Marlyn Custodio Fularon has provided excellent quality of service to not only build, but maintain relationships with clients through referrals and word of mouth. Marlyn’s work ethic and resources for new and master buyers speaks volumes of her dedication to all clients to help them seal the deal to grow their family and/or to provide generational wealth.

Website: www.marlynfularon.squarespace.com

  1. J.P. Moridi

Based in the Bay Area of Northern California, J.P. Moridi is a licensed realtor who has left countless celebrities in awe of his service. Born in the Silicon Valley and to real estate icon Al Moridi, J.P. had already mapped out a future in the industry at an early age. 

Studying his father’s client-focused principle, the realtor climbed the ladder in record time. His talent in securing the top dollar for seller’s properties and the buyers’ dream houses attracted awards and an extensive clientele of leading personalities, athletes, and professionals in his first year. 

From there, J.P. continued to scale the real estate industry, and in 2015, he was featured by Forbes and is now an official member of the magazine’s Real Estate Council’s top 1% worldwide. 

Instagram: @officialjpmoridi

Website: www.jpmoridi.com

  1. Jessilyn Chen

Since she launched a career in the industry, Jessilyn Chen has been moving on a never-ending upward slope. Renowned for her efficiency and professionalism, Jessilyn is an award-winning real estate powerhouse based in the Big Apple.

Based in the highly competitive New York City, Jessilyn carries an impressive portfolio that hosts her unique track record of successful transactions and accolades. For five years in a row, the agent has been the recipient of her brokerage’s coveted Pinnacle Team Award and Diamond Chairman Award.

Jessilyn was also recognized as among the Top 1% Producing Nationwide Real Estate Agents and REAL Trends. Outside of her career, Jessilyn Chen is also heavily involved in charity work, often volunteering at “City Meals on Wheels” and “God’s Love We Deliver.” 

Instagram: @jessilynchenyc

Website: www.jessilynchen.co

  1. Tiago Ferreira

Serial entrepreneur and realtor Tiago Ferreira is the brilliant mind behind Orlando, Florida’s top real estate company, “Authentic Real Estate Team.”

Born and raised in Brazil, Tiago Ferreira’s realtor career began when he first moved to the country at 18 years old. Without speaking English and holding only $200, he painstakingly worked his way up until he launched his first business, “Sale Junk Cars.”

The generated profit supported Tiago throughout college and, when he discovered the promising landscape of Orlando CIty, became the starting capital for the Authentic Real Estate Team. 

Although still an undergraduate, Tiago Ferreira efficiently embedded the venture with high-quality services and unmatched dedication that has satisfied his diverse clientele. Through his efforts, the Authentic Real Estate Team has grown to be an award-winning and industry-leading real estate company. 

Instagram: @tiagoferreira.authentic

Website: www.authenticorlando.com

  1. Sam Zell

Sam Zell is a pioneer of real estate investment trusts (REITs. He began the business through his equity company Equity Group in 1969 which handled only real estate investment trusts. Over the past half of a century, he has built a name for himself and shot up his company as a top gun in the global real estate industry. He is worth about $5 billion and is credited with one of the biggest real estate deals the world has ever seen. Before the housing market crash of 2007, Sam Zell completed the $39 billion Equity Office sale, one of the most notable deals in the industry.

  1. Stephen Ross

Stephen Ross pivoted from his legal practice to real estate when he noticed that property developers were not getting deals to develop properties. With his legal background, he started helping them get those deals, after which he established his real estate development company. He has real estate and development projects that cover residential, commercial and hospitality developments. Stephen Ross is a versatile investor who has spent years mastering the real estate market and is always ready to step into any market void or opportunity. His real estate business was established with a loan, but today he has created a blueprint for many upcoming real estate investors to follow.

  1. Donald Bren

Donald Bren is known as the wealthiest real estate investor in the United States. His $15.5 billion net worth is tied to his company, Irvine Company which he acquired a majority stake in 1977. He became the sole owner of the company in 1996 and grew the company’s real estate portfolio from 93,000 acres of land in Southern California to 115 million square feet. David Bren is also the owner of other real estate properties like hotels, golf courses, marinas, dozens of retail centers and coastal resorts. His company alone has 550 office buildings and 125 apartment complexes in its portfolio.      

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