July 25, 2024
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Top Lessons We Can Learn From Joel Samuels’ Success

As a prominent American entrepreneur, athlete, and public figure, Joel Samuels is living in the glory of his success. He presents himself as a reliable and creative capitalist and dedicated to performing optimally in all aspects of life. Joel has a vast social media following but never considers himself an influencer. He also never seeks to grow his following, but general interactions, connections, and progression from his contributions organically attract a viewership with the same mentality. Joel is inspired to share how he advances through motivation, discipline, and integrity.

A successful businessman, Joel advocates that people should succeed in their own right to avoid complacency with daily lives and, most importantly, attract the energy they feel is favorable to their needs and growth. “Through encouragement and recognition, we can all build each other up. I hope my audience can see how I’ve pulled through the challenges of being a minority playing hockey, building on the family legacy through our business, and creating a footprint of my own through fitness and motivation,” he says.

Joel often shares his valuable wisdom with clients and friends. He goes by the motto, “I can, I will, and I did.” “I CAN show that you’re standing at the crossroads of what you want to do and why you can’t do it right now,” Samuel says. “First things first; you can do it, no matter what. You have to believe in yourself and your ability to make things happen. You don’t need permission to follow your passion. You have to say I can and start chasing your dreams. No one else can do it for you because they’re too busy searching for meaning or spinning their wheels just like you,” he adds.

Additionally, “I WILL” reveals that once you’ve accepted that you’re capable of being freaking awesome, you have to devise a plan for a full-on life takeover. It’s like goal-setting; only instead of using words such as “I want” or “I wish,” which is passive, you focus on action. Applying this will make every aspect of your plan actionable and within your control. 

Lastly, Joel illustrated that “I DID” shows that it’s easy to think about what you want to do or what you would do if. However, it’s tricky and scary to follow through with making a change, which doesn’t mean that you can’t do it or shouldn’t try. He adds, “Anyone truly happy and found happiness or purpose in their lives didn’t just talk about what they wanted to do; they did something about it.”

A few years from now, the astute public figure aspires to develop his brand by building his social profiles through experiences made in real life and online. Brand recognition and growth would include natural audience growth projections, as shown now, without the verification badge. According to Joel, the verification badge will prompt his profile to attract a larger audience. He can then deliver reliable and well-thought-out content. The evolution would facilitate his other paths in life, such as continual recognition in hockey (main roster aspirations and holding the Stanley Cup), advancements in the family business, and other business ventures through social profiles.

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