June 13, 2024
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TPA Shuttles Provides Premium Shuttle Service from Tampa to Orlando

Traveling to a new city can make you feel lost and stressed out. Having a friend pick you up from the airport is ideal and makes you feel more at home. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of a good friend to show you around a new city. TPA Shuttles is a shuttle service between Tampa Int’l Airport and Orlando Int’l Airport that provides safe and reliable transportation for all weary travelers going through Florida.

TPA Shuttles’ team of professional drivers travels to and from Tampa International Airport and Orlando International Airport 16 times daily. Travelers need only to make a reservation online or pay when they step into their luxury Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans. Shared shuttle rides are stress-free and less expensive than app-based ride-sharing services or car rentals.

TPA Shuttles is the only shuttle service in Florida that charges a flat fee of only $50 per ride, with a new shuttle every 90 minutes.

Passengers are assured that TPA Shuttles can provide a safe, clean and stress-free travel experience. The company handpicks its team to provide travelers with friendly, licensed and insured drivers. All drivers undergo rigorous background checks to ensure that only the most conscientious are hired. Passengers are often delighted with their drivers’ knowledge of the area and their ability to safeguard them on their travels.

Proper maintenance of their fleet is a top priority for TPA Shuttles. Providing a safe and comfortable ride for all passengers is something they aspire to do for every single one of their sixteen daily rides. The company prioritizes the inspection, maintenance and repair of our vehicles, which are regularly serviced by professional maintenance staff to keep our vehicles in superior condition. They provide regular checks of oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, tires, brakes and brake pads, along with body checks to keep the exterior of their fleet pristine, so dents and scratches are addressed right away. 

After the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, TPA Shuttles knows that health and safety are a priority for all of its passengers. After all, it’s impossible to do business when you’re down with COVID. The team follows CDC guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne viruses. Drivers are trained to sanitize each vehicle between rides. Face masks are currently optional for both drivers and guests.

TPA Shuttles has gained many fans among businessmen and tourists alike. “My first time in a new city, I felt safe and confident with this service. My driver was fantastic and even gave me some wonderful tips. I intend to use this service again in the future for my airport transportation to TPA,” said Liz, a manager who often travels to Florida for business.

“I was impressed by how clean my van was, then blown away with the service. Booking was effortless, and the prices were absolutely great!” said Les, who vacations to Florida yearly.

Passengers can expect to arrive at their destination in 1 hour and 45 minutes.

TPA Shuttles has big plans for the future, including expanding their fleet and the range of its location. Passengers can rely on the company to continue to provide safe and comfortable rides for the foreseeable future.

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