July 13, 2024
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TrueFanz Leading the Charge for Safer Content Creation and Monetization

Technology evolves and becomes more encompassing with every break of a new day. Similarly, the internet is no longer just the technology that allows people to reach out to other parts of the world. Most parts of life as we know it today begin and end on the internet, and it is only a matter of time before every other aspect catches on. One of the most notable contributions of the internet has been wealth creation and the opportunity for users to earn a living from the comfort of their home by using their ability to create content.

With the rise of content creation, the world is being exposed to a new generation of creatives who have mastered the art of leveraging their God-given talent or skill to drive engagement, attention, and influence. In addition, their ability to monetize the content created is the icing on the cake for creators globally who continue to benefit from the efforts of third-party platforms like TrueFanz.

TrueFanz is an invite-only social media platform for creators who want to get paid for their hard work online. With TrueFanz creators can upload content, do live stream, share music, chat,  and earn while at it. TrueFanz subscriber-only-access enables creators to get paid directly by the users and at the same time be able to interact freely with these users and determine the kinds of content they choose.

With years of knowledge and expertise about content creation going into the development of TrueFanz, the founders believed in building solutions based on the current pain points, and annoyances creators and users are experiencing today on traditional social media. To this end, TrueFanz is not relying on cookie-cutter ideas, preferring instead to focus on the individual needs, and feature requests of each end-user. “We actively listen to ours creators with the intent to roll up our sleeves and engineer what they need.” – Logan Shippy co-founder.

“We’ve been in constant communication with both our engineering team and our creators.  We’ve put a lot of energy into tweaking the entire TrueFanz app into something that supports the users experience as well as something that enhances the creators ability to earn more,” shared founder -Tim Branyan

What makes the TrueFanz platform stand out from its competitors is the fact that it is invite only for creators, doesnt allow porn, pays more thorugh it’s unique features and pays faster. The invite-only feature means that only real, live creatives can sign up and use this application after they are manually reviewed and approved. 

At the core of TrueFanz is its aim to foster an authentic and safe place for inspiration, creativity, and expression. “We want to give content creators a stigma-free alternative platform where they can get paid to post without tarnishing their brand and reputation.” – Tim Branyan  Accordingly, the application is rigid in its policies and technology against harassment, adult content, violence, and copyright infringement.

The team behind the TrueFanz app is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon and is committed to continuing the development and innovation of the platform to ensure that they can continue to empower content creators from around the world.

Learn more about TrueFanz by visiting its website.

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