July 24, 2024
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United Market Partners with Symphonic Music for Label-alternative Distribution

Symphonic Music
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United Market, a tech-enabled A&R company based out of Atlanta, has taken the next step to further empower musicians to reach their full potential. This step comes in the form of launching their new distribution wing partnered with Symphonic, one of the leading distribution companies in the world. Through this partnership, musicians will receive tech enabled A&R services, funding, and global distribution to all streaming services and social platforms.

The United Market and Symphonic partnership has already started off strong with the signing of popular L. A. rapper Saviii 3rd. 

“Partnering up with United Market put me in the position to gain major label resources and technology to empower myself as a musician to take my career to the next level,” said Saviii 3rd about distributing his music through United Market & Symphonic. “There’s a real family-like environment here where I know they always have my best interest in mind and want to help me succeed. I decided to rock with them, and will work exclusively with United Market’s technology to get personalized beats from their producers.”

The joint venture shows two of the most innovative companies in their respective spaces teaming up to serve as a technology label alternative for independent artists to take their careers to the next level. Musicians will earn more money and control every aspect of their musical careers while having the technology, backing, and support to help them succeed. Both companies will combine their advanced technology to power the partnership and help artists grow.

While the opportunities are endless, some of the biggest perks of the partnership for artists include:

  • Access to hundreds of tailored beats for use in future records
  • A 24/7 tech-enabled A&R 
  • Access to sync placement opportunities
  • Distribution for monetization to over 200 streaming services and social platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Instagram, and more
  • Personalized and intuitive growth analytics

    Symphonic Music
    Sourced photo

Symphonic, founded by Jorge Brea in the early 2000s, has worked with some of the most notable names in music and will continue to for many more decades. While they’ve partnered with multiple labels and management groups, their recent partnership with United Market may be the one to change the music industry forever.

“We are thrilled to partner with United Market to enhance their product offering,” said Symphonic CEO Jorge Brea. “The team is extremely dedicated, hard working, and understands what is needed for new, developing, and established artists. We’re excited to build new products right alongside them!”

Alongside their latest distribution offering, United Market is a destination for artists to create music faster with the help of AI and the built-in tech A&R. The platform offers a ground-breaking new feature that uses the power of AI to help artists speed up studio sessions so that they can create more music and even increase their chances of making a hit song. Artists can either use this feature to create a song in its entirety or complete a song that has already been worked on that is missing a few touches.

While we cannot go into too much detail about the feature, their AI learns from an artist’s previous records and uses that knowledge to create new songs.

After creating a song with the AI song writing feature, the tech-enabled A&R feature comes into play. For starters, the United Market platform works as an A&R for musicians, and this is especially helpful for artists, ranging from an artist signed to a major label or an independent one. An artist that is working on a new project or song can go to the United Market platform and post an “opportunity” of the exact needs for what the beat needs to sound like. They can get as specific to the tone, vibe, and even BPM range and scale of the beat they are looking for. This helps artists having overcrowded emails and social media inboxes filled with beats that likely do not credit everybody who helped make the beat.

Producers must add every collaborator on the beat when submitting beats to artists to ensure everybody is credited and there are no ownership rights disputes once the record comes out. This process can save artists thousands of dollars in lost money if the song goes into conflict.

Once a beat is successfully selected, a WEB3 contract will be created automatically and everybody involved will be able to review and sign it– saving all parties thousands of dollars in potential lawyer fees. 

The United Market and Symphonic partnership is new but they are making major waves in the music industry today, and will continue to change the distribution world for years to come.  Well-known L.A. rapper Saviii 3rd is their first signing, and they are already growing their roster of talented rappers across all genres. Artists can apply on the United Market website to distribute their music through the company. Plus receive all the perks of doing so.

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