June 13, 2024
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Unruly Agency Founder Tara Electra Is the Female Boss of the Year

Unruly Agency, without a doubt, changed the game for social media influencers. Big entertainment execs everywhere are trying to get involved with what Tara Electra has created during the 2020 pandemic. 

Tara Electra established Unruly Agency to be the marketing agency that helps the biggest social media stars on the internet monetize. She has leveraged her large roster of talent that she built on her own with her past agency, Electric Mind, that reached over 500 million in audiences to help brands gain more exposure. Tara has worked with companies like Insomniac, Lyft, Postmates, Coachella, Bang Energy, and many more. The agency has spearheaded influencer campaigns across social media platforms and helped many companies reach millions of audiences.

Tara’s motivation for establishing the Unruly Agency was born after Tara watched the way influencers were monetizing over the last 6 years of her experience in the social media space. She knew that Influencers just tagging a brand without the right marketing partners wasn’t going to convert at a level that it needed for brands to pay them what they deserve.  In her own words, “Influencers help build credibility for a brand, but without the traffic behind their campaign, you can’t build enough of an ROI on an influencers post alone.” She knew she could come in as their marketing partner behind every brand opportunity they had to help them be at the forefront of the biggest branding opportunities across the web. This would then give the talent the opportunity to build the careers they want.

Tara Electra is passionate about woman empowerment and changing the status quo. In her words, “I want to inspire people to go against the traditional route to success and take their power back into their own hands.” Her goal is to create a community of talents from all over the world, which gives them their unique voice and resources to thrive in a cutthroat and competitive environment.

The agency acts as a bridge between influencers and brands, and since its inception, many influencers have testified that Unruly Agency has made them the most income in their career.

Unruly Agency is an offspring of Electric Mind, solely owned by Tara as her first influencer agency. Electra took what she did best and turned it into a new innovative agency that can be all the core aspects needed for influencers to be successful all under one roof. 

It has been said that many large celebrities are actively applying to Unruly Agency for the success they have been able to build around the talent they work with. It doesn’t come at a surprise to us with influencers like Tana Mongeau posting on social media that she made the most money in her career with the agency. What we do know is that their submission process is very selective as they invest into the talent growth and core audience for monetization across all social media platforms.  

Learn more about Tara Electra on Instagram or follow Unruly Agency on the Instagram page.

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