June 24, 2024
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Unruly Agency is Helping Instagram Models and Influencers Earn on Social Media While on Quarantine

The rise of the global pandemic has disrupted the daily routines of many individuals and brands. Due to the changes in the population’s everyday routine, brands and companies have opted to rethink and reevaluate their marketing strategies. From traditional ad placements, more companies have shifted their focus to influencer marketing. 

The growth of social media marketing has also opened an avenue for social media stars now more popularly called influencers to make a career from their following. However, many influencers have little to no idea as to how they can monetize their brand and content. Marketing expert Nicky Gathrite established Unruly Agency to help models, and influencers get compensated for the content they create. 

Unruly Agency is a brand and marketing agency that helps female models and influencers achieve their goals and dreams. The agency serves to bridge the gap between celebrities and influencers to the rest of the world. 

The team at Unruly Agency helps these influencers create timeless campaigns that drive traffic, boost sales, and create a loyal fanbase and following that keeps coming back for more. With the pursuit of innovation and knowledge of natural human behavior, the company scales audiences beyond what they can do on their own. 

A talented entrepreneur and social media marketing expert, Unruly Agency CEO and founder Nicky Gathrite used his expertise to help women influencers reach success. His goal is to empower women worldwide in finding different forms of success. By building their brands and monetizing their content, the agency is opening doors for these women towards achieving their dreams.   

“My goal is to build the talent to be able to invest in themselves and the brand they want to build for their future. So many of these people have had to take brand deals they don’t want to do to pay rent or buy their next meal. So many people think these influencers are making money, and 95% of the time, that is not the case,” says Nicky Gathrite, CEO of Unruly. 

Furthermore, the company prides itself in the value they put to their networks. Working in an industry where network building is a must, the agency greatly values its established relationships with social media models and influencers. The relationships they create are founded on trust. The company sees to it that their talents are treated fairly and are not getting the short end of the business deal. 

By creating relationships built on a foundation of trust, more and more talented models and influencers are putting their trust in Unruly to help them monetize their talents and digital content. Today, Unruly Agency manages some of the biggest models in the world of Instagram. The agency has helped many influencers increase their net worth by providing them the right guidance they need for their brand deals and effective marketing and monetization strategies

The agency is continuously growing and has become a household name in coming up with influencer marketing strategies and talent management. 

For more information about Unruly Agency, feel free to visit its website.  

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