June 12, 2024
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Unveiling HUE – The Ultimate Social Foodie App Tailored Just for You!

Unveiling HUE - The Ultimate Social Foodie App Tailored Just for You!
Photo Credited to: DOKONI INC. 

Step into the future of dining with HUE, the groundbreaking, personalized food recommendation social network app designed exclusively for the tastes of Gen Z and Millennials. Imagine Yelp or Google Reviews, but tailored precisely to your unique palate.

Jean-Baptiste Dominguez, the foodie and CEO behind HUE, understands the struggle of finding the perfect place to eat. “Existing apps fall short in delivering recommendations tailored to your taste” notes Jean-Baptiste. “Other startups attempted a friend-recommendation approach, but I love most of my friends for who they’re, not their taste.”

As the former Co-founder of Clash App, boasting 6.5 million users and $9 million in funding, Jean-Baptiste partnered with Noriko Shindo, an ex-Amazonian with an MBA from INSEAD, in 2023 to address this universal eating problem head-on.

Launched this week, HUE is not just a foodie app; it’s a revolution in personalized recommendations, connecting users through a proprietary algorithm that translates individual preferences into a unique HUE (a unique color), making the entire experience both fun and intuitive.

Your HUE, like your taste, is a dynamic shade that evolves over time. It’s a visual representation of your dining preferences, and just like in the real world, your HUE may or may not align with your friends’—because you love them for who they are, not just what they eat.

Discover restaurant recommendations tailored to your HUE, explore places your friends have raved about, and dive into curated lists from members who share similar HUEs. In the world of HUE, closer HUEs mean closer taste preferences.

Already, HUE is received with enthusiasm. A couple in real-life and creators on Instagram brycexavier and matthewjac0b expressed that they are super excited to use HUE to log and plan their date spots in LA. A prominent YouTube and IG creator meishmoe, celebrated the app’s arrival, exclaiming, “It’s about time we had a new Yelp”

Ready to elevate your dining experience? HUE is now available for download on both the App Store and Google Play Store. Say goodbye to generic recommendations and hello to a world where every bite is tailored just for you. Embrace your HUE today!

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