May 30, 2024
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Vasjan Zisi the Boston rapper co-signed by Tyga and Da Baby

Some people are gifted with an infectious energy that can light up any space they occupy. Brimming with so much life and vigor, these individuals are capable of lifting the spirits of those around them. And as someone who wields this beaming and upbeat personality, Vasjan Zisi has quickly gained nods from spectators and captured the hearts of many supporters. In fact, it did not take long for this must-watch artist to take the internet and the digital realm by storm. 

Making a mark on an industry already saturated with established icons and other prominent figures is a daunting task that only a few would dare to endeavor. However, Vasjan Zisi has proven that he is among the unrelenting souls armed with the resilient mindset of accomplishing goals no matter how intimidating they may be. Immensely fueled by his determination to leave a legacy in the music space, he sets out to share his remarkable talent and exceptional skills with the world. 

Vasjan Zisi, also known as ‘Vas,’ is a highly regarded promoter who has established a reputable standing in the music industry for selling out shows in the United States and Albania. Having kicked off his career when he was only sixteen years old, this rising artist has accumulated years’ worth of experience in his craft. 

After graduating from Raqi Qirinxhi High School in Korçë, Albania, Vasjan Zisi immediately garnered accolades for the shows and events he organized in the area. Since then, he has been ceaselessly taking his skills to greater heights. His blazing enthusiasm stems from his desire to see other people reach their dreams. 

Vasjan Zisi’s association with big stars, including Megan Thee Stallion, Tyga, Da Baby, NLE Choppa, and Tory Lanez, also contributes to the success of his promotions. He currently owns two playlists on Apple Music, namely “New England Top 50” and “Rhode Island Top 50”.

With his strong social network in the music industry and Instagram as his platform, Vasjan Zisi has given numerous opportunities for local artists to show off their talent. This exposure has also allowed him to emerge as one of the most followed artists on Clubhouse. As a result, he was awarded Promoter of the Year in the 2020 Mega Mass TV Awards. And due to this laudable feat, he decided to tap into his musical flair and become an artist himself. 

Speculations about Vasjan Zisi getting into music started circulating in November of 2020. The independent artist eventually confirmed the news when he posted a short clip of him and fellow artist Ron Suno shooting a music video. His highly anticipated song, “Vasjan – Pull Up N Ride (feat. Ron Suno),” is expected to drop in January of 2021.

In the coming years, Vasjan Zisi hopes to continue expanding his horizons. With no plans of slowing down any time soon, he intends to become one of the greatest skilled artists on top of being among the most reliable music and events promoters in the field. The path to the summit may be one tough grind. However, this outstanding artist sends across the powerful message that grit and dedication will always pay off. 

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