June 13, 2024
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VETTA Capsule Redefines the ‘Edited Wardrobe’ Concept with Versatile and Eco-Conscious Collections

Source: VETTA Capsule

With more and more consumers moving toward sustainability, investing in a capsule wardrobe has become the perfect way of striking a balance between discovering clothing that embodies one’s personal style and saving money. At its core, this so-called capsule is a collection of high-quality pieces that allow people to mix and match apparel they can repeatedly wear throughout the seasons. Although an edited wardrobe is not a new concept, industry powerhouse VETTA Capsule has revolutionized its meaning by developing creative and fashionable designs. 

On a mission to help fashion enthusiasts build a more thoughtful and eco-conscious wardrobe, VETTA Capsule has an innovative shopping model where one can buy a long-lasting five-piece capsule collection that translates into over thirty outfits. To give its patrons more alternatives, it also enables them to shop pieces individually and build a customized and timeless wardrobe that they will be wearing for years on end. 

VETTA Capsule is a sustainable and ethical company known for creating mini capsules for wardrobes of different styles. The co-founders, Cara Bartlett and Vanessa van Zyl, initiated their campaign on KickStarter in 2016. Since then, the brand has been making significant waves not only in the fashion space but also in the eco-conscious community. 

Heavily inspired by the pervasive waste and abuse in the garment industry, Cara and Vanessa founded VETTA in an attempt to create a solution that would help consumers and the industry with their own respective issues. In only three days, the visionaries had achieved their goal of $30,000 dollars and, within a month’s time, they were nearly able to triple the amount. In that same year, the brand won the prestigious Saks Fifth Avenue Emerging Designer competition and created an exclusive item for their stores in 2017.

Despite being a luxury brand, VETTA continually comes out with unique, stylish, and eco-friendly options proving that its pieces are well worth the hefty price tag. With versatile designs that can be worn in multiple ways, dressing up has never been so easy.

As one of the foremost advocates of sustainability, VETTA chooses eco-friendly, recycled, and deadstock fabrics, and its LA-based partner factory gets seventy percent of its energy from solar power. As a matter of fact, most of the buttons and elastic are made in the United States. What’s even more remarkable about this brand is the fact that its manufacturing takes place in an ethical family-run factory where they use deadstock and biodegradable materials to create each piece. 

Since its inception, VETTA has been making a necessary statement within the fashion scene. Through its sustainable practices and eco-conscious efforts, it has revolutionized the industry in ways no one could have ever imagined. Indeed, this versatile, socially responsible, and sophisticated company has proven that being conscious of the environment always outweighs the costs in the long run.

With no plans to slow down anytime soon, VETTA Capsule will continue to help women simplify and build thoughtful wardrobes with versatile wardrobe capsule collections that lead to happier closets and a better world. 

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