June 15, 2024
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Victoria Bell & PASHA Entertainment’s “Heir Of The Witch” brings a Real-Life Horror story to the Big Screen!

Heir Of The Witch
Photo Credited To: PASHA Entertainment & GasHouse Media
  1. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind “Heir Of The Witch” and what sets it apart from other projects in the genre?

 The inspiration for the film “Heir of the Witch” came from my paternal grandmother, who was a genuinely frightening witch in reality. For a significant part of my life, this knowledge was something I kept hidden, but when I made the decision to create a horror/thriller movie, I opted for a deeply personal and emotionally charged approach. What sets this movie apart is its unique blend of Western and Eastern cultural elements. In addition to incorporating my personal style, I infused the narrative with my distinctive twists, resulting in a film that carves out its own niche in terms of both genre and style.

  1. Victoria, as the writer of this project, what themes or messages did you aim to convey through the story?

In crafting “Heir of the Witch,” my primary goal was to explore the profound conflict between good and evil. I wanted to delve into the universal human longing for belonging and acceptance, while also emphasizing the fundamental themes of love and fear.  This film underscores the idea that people’s actions often stem from either a place of love or a place of pain, and each choice carries its own set of consequences. As you immerse yourself in my writing, you’ll notice my tendency to delve into the depths of our human needs and the subconscious motivations behind the decisions individuals make in pursuit of their desires.

  1. Pasha Entertainment’s track of producing successful projects? How did the concept of Victoria Bell, and “Heir Of The Witch” come to life? 

Pasha Entertainment has an extensive portfolio of short films, with “Heir of the Witch” marking our inaugural venture into feature-length filmmaking. In the near future, we have a diverse array of projects in the pipeline, spanning various genres and themes, ready to come to life.

  1. Could you share some insights into the casting process for this project? What made the chosen actors a perfect fit for their roles?

The casting process is an exceptionally meticulous and crucial stage in filmmaking. While I had a fantastic team in my casting department, I remained deeply involved in the selection of each character. Given that I authored the script, I possessed an intimate understanding of the characters, which led me to search for highly specific traits in potential cast members.  The ensemble I ultimately assembled exceeded all expectations. Each actor poured their heart and soul into their roles. During the initial stages of casting, I paid close attention not only to their acting abilities but also their capacity to follow directions and their personalities. I strive to foster a sense of family within every project I undertake, and having genuinely wonderful individuals on set truly makes all the difference in the world.  In the realm of film production, challenges are a constant, and ensuring that the cast is not a source of undesirable complications is paramount.

  1. “Heir Of The Witch” explores elements of the supernatural. Can you tease any unique and captivating aspects of the story that viewers can look forward to?

“Heir of the Witch” explores the supernatural powers of Anna’s grandmother, a Witch who departed this world long ago. Her malevolent spirit endures, enveloping Ana’s life and affecting everyone she meets in an ominous shroud. Tragedy befalls those ensnared in her spectral web. The story unfolds as a high-stakes chess game, with the Witch meticulously executing her ultimate plan. Yet, the pivotal question persists: does she achieve her goals? The answer to this enigma unravels only when you experience the entirety of the film.

  1. In the world of entertainment, visual effects and cinematography play a crucial role. What can viewers expect in terms of the visual and technical aspects of this project?

When I set out to create “Heir of the Witch,” my aim was to integrate special effects that felt subtle and organic, avoiding the overly extravagant. I didn’t want to solely rely on special effects for two key reasons: their high costs and their potential to detract from the genuine artistry and creativity of the project. To achieve this, I strived to make the supernatural elements closely resemble a believable reality. We heavily emphasized practical makeup effects and kept CGI effects to a minimum. Overall, I’m delighted with the final result and immensely proud of the collaborative efforts of our team.

  1. The entertainment industry has faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How did Pasha Entertainment and the team behind “Heir Of The Witch” overcome these challenges during production? 

I remember it vividly – on February 14, 2020, we publicly announced our intention to create “Heir of the Witch” with a grand red carpet gala. However, not even a month later, the world was plunged into a terrifying pandemic. This presented one of the most formidable challenges we had ever faced because it impacted every aspect of our project. The financiers who were in the process of finalizing contracts with us decided, at the last minute, to withdraw their support and protect their assets. This setback meant that we had to start the process all over again, while also maintaining the morale of our entire team.  We managed to commence filming in July-August of 2020, right in the midst of the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Describing the challenges we confronted as “challenges” would be an understatement. However, we implemented stringent safety protocols and made a concerted effort every day to uplift and maintain everyone’s spirits. Despite the odds, we completed filming on schedule, with everyone safe and filled with immense joy at the opportunity to create something magical in a world overshadowed by morbidity.  Creating art amidst such chaos is nothing short of miraculous. It is a testament to our unwavering dedication and hard work that we were able to bring this project to a successful conclusion. I am deeply grateful for this remarkable journey.

  1. Promotion and marketing are vital for any project’s success. What strategies, partnerships and platforms are being utilized to generate excitement and anticipation for “Heir Of The Witch”?

Every film combines artistry and commerce, and as the business dimension takes hold, marketing becomes pivotal for a movie’s triumph. Right from the project’s inception, we deployed an array of tactics to promote our film.  We kindled anticipation with a splendid red carpet gala, sparking enthusiasm for this fresh cinematic venture. Consistent media updates sustained our dedicated audience’s engagement and left them yearning for more. This approach resulted in the nurturing of an organic following, achieved by direct engagement with a specialized audience sharing a fervor for investigative-style horror and thriller films.  More recently, we partnered with Gas Media House to enhance our marketing endeavors, broadening our outreach to a more extensive and diverse viewership.

  1. Victoria, as a writer and creator, what personal journey or growth did you experience while working on this project, and how did it impact your storytelling?

The journey of creating “Heir of the Witch” has been a personal evolution for me, both as a creator and as a human being. The challenges I faced not only strengthened me but also deepened my empathy and self-awareness. This experience has been transformative, fostering substantial growth in my creative and entrepreneurial capacities. Through the process, I acquired a wealth of knowledge, not only about filmmaking but also about the intricacies of the business.  Armed with the wisdom and experiences gained while crafting “Heir of the Witch,” I now possess the confidence and readiness to tackle larger projects, fully capable of seeing them through to successful fruition.

  1. Finally, what are your hopes and expectations for “Heir Of The Witch”? 

How do you envision this project resonating with audiences, and what can viewers look forward to in terms of its Halloween push and distribution?

My aspiration is that “Heir of the Witch” reaches audiences worldwide. I also wish for the film to pioneer a new genre, pushing boundaries and giving rise to a fresh style in storytelling. Within the narrative, there are numerous hidden gems, and I anticipate that viewers will revisit the movie to discover them, unraveling the deeper layers of the story.  Above all, my hope is that this film stirs emotions within the audience, regardless of whether those emotions are positive or not. “Heir of the Witch” is designed to delve beneath the surface, unearthing unresolved pain or profound love within each viewer, offering a deeply personal and introspective experience. The choice of which emotion it awakens is entirely theirs.

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