May 29, 2024
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Vito Glazers to Make Stand-Up Comedy Debut with Jimmy Shin, Tom Arnold, Jamie Kennedy in Pasadena on January 19

Photo Credit: Vito Glazers
Photo Credit: Vito Glazers

Vito Glazers has done just about everything there is to do in Hollywood. Now, he is adding stand-up comedy to his resume. The media entrepreneur and reality television star is set to take on the comedic world when he takes to the stage at Ice House, Pasadena, on Friday, January 19th, 2024. Known predominantly for his appearances on WE TV, Bravo, and Netflix reality shows, Glazers is now eager to bring his sense of humor and storytelling talent to the realm of stand-up comedy.

The event is set to occur in the main room of the iconic comedy club, the Ice House, at 7 PM, marking a significant shift in Glazers’ already multifaceted career. Headliners like Jimmy Shin, Tom Arnold, and Jamie Kennedy will also grace the stage, while other talented comics such as Scott Blugrind, Doc Opp, Anna Mae Gordon, and Gary Robinson will be there to keep the laughter going.

Glazers’ entry into the stand-up comedy arena arrives as the 10th anniversary of his national television debut on the WE-TV reality show “Mystery Millionaire” approaches. This popular show is due to re-air on Hulu this year, bringing a lot of attention back to Glazers’ initial breakthrough into the television industry.

Vito Glazers wants people to know he has not embarked on this new comedic journey alone. He has received guidance and mentoring from none other than Jimmy Shin, adding a significant layer of credibility to his comedy debut. Glazers said he has also received support and guidance from fellow Chicago comedian Tom Dreesen and many others in the comedy and entertainment industry. 

“Everyone who knows or has worked with Vito Glazers on a TV or film set knows he is one of the funniest people in Hollywood. We are all amazed it actually took him this long to get into stand-up,” said one of the show’s producers, expressing the shared anticipation for Glazers to get on stage.

With a unique knack for captivating audiences through his charismatic personality and nuanced understanding of humor, Glazers is no stranger to the spotlight. His standing as a media entrepreneur, producer, author, actor, and international television personality has built him a profound career filled with success and recognition. His entry into stand-up comedy merely solidifies his place as a multifaceted figure in the world of entertainment.

If his past success is any indication of his future endeavors, one can expect that Glazers’ comedy debut will be one for the ages. His natural flair for comedy is anticipated to bring out the laughter, and create a memorable evening for everyone present at the venue.

As the event draws nearer, enthusiasts and fans of Vito Glazers can follow his comic journey on his official Instagram page at instagram.com/vitoglazers. Tables and Tickets to this highly anticipated event can be purchased at www.showclix.com/event/ice-house-the-shindig-show-1-19-24-730pm.

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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