June 19, 2024
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Volume Digital Founders Logan Simmons & Zach Conely Up the Game for Rising Musical Icons

Getting one’s music heard in today’s highly competitive market can be a challenge. For example, Spotify alone has welcomed over fifty million creators globally throughout the last few years. Accordingly, getting air time among audiences can prove to be a challenge. But with the help of rising music marketing agency Volume Digital, a handful of rising artists have solidified their place in the music scene.

Started by notable music marketing and artist management moguls Logan Simmons and Zach Conley, Volume Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency for musicians, singers, and songwriters. The firm has created renown in the industry mainly for its top-level social media and influencer marketing expertise. In the past few years, Volume Digital has scaled immensely, networking with independent artists, record labels, and many circles in music and entertainment, then delivering results over and over again for its partners and clients. 

The company started back in 2016 after the founders had it in mind to create an entity that would stand as a monument for excellence in music and marketing. Volume Digital has worked with artists like Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Travis Scott, Fetty Wap, Polo G, Famous Dex, Joyner Lucas, Bryce Vine, and many others. In addition, the agency currently has ties with many music industry giants, including companies like Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, Universal Records, Interscope Records, 300 Entertainment, and Sony Music.

Over the last few years, Volume Digital has thrived primarily because of its laser focus on “release-support-based services,” a lineup of solutions and strategies that have helped artists grow their social media following and track massive hits on their latest music releases. Logan Simmons offered musicians inside scoop in an interview sharing how much of the music marketing industry is mostly a network of white-labeled services to try and cut corners and increase firm revenues. Volume Digital challenges that status quo by doing all its marketing efforts and campaigns in-house, giving artists and the firm more creative control on its campaigns and social media strategies. 

Apart from its success on the social media front, Volume Digital is also an asset to artists when providing digital artist development and branding guidance. Through the ingenious inputs of Logan Simmons, the firm’s client artists have been able to create strong and memorable brands on digital platforms, giving them more edge when fighting for listeners’ attention. 

Volume Digital has helped its clients gain a collective volume of 550 million Instagram followers and 25 million streams on Spotify. In addition, they have assisted in creating over 800 Spotify playlists and 3,000 plus social media campaigns in five years. In the next five years, the team behind Volume Digital hopes to outdo those numbers and exponentially grow results not just for them but for the artists they represent.

Logan maintains that there has never been a better time to be an artist despite the surplus in music. He hopes that Volume Digital will help more rising and aspiring artists reach audiences with their music and pursue their passions as a profession. Their work has been pivotal for dozens of musicians under their mentorship, and they hope that more will experience the same success levels in the coming days. Learn more about Volume Digital by visiting its website and Instagram profile.

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