July 24, 2024
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We Are Not Alone on Amazon Prime: Serena DC Explores the Cosmic Enigma

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The unknown has always fascinated humanity, and the quest to discover the secrets of the universe has never ceased. For those who are intrigued by the possibility of extraterrestrial life, alien movies have been a captivating way to explore this idea. And now, with the advent of independent media, a remarkable documentary has come out that takes a deep look into the world of UFOs, extraterrestrial encounters, and cosmic mysteries.

We Are Not Alone, available on Amazon Prime, is a captivating journey through the minds of leading UFO and extraterrestrial experts. Investigative filmmakers Serena DC and Michael Mazzola have taken the initiative to explore the perplexing realm of unexplained phenomena and invite their viewers to join them on an extraordinary quest. As we embark on this exploration of the cosmic unknown, we will unveil the heart of this documentary, understand the significance of the experts featured, and discern the profound message it brings to humanity.

A Glimpse into the Cosmic Odyssey

“The question of whether or not we are alone in the universe has been answered,” reads the film’s poignant synopsis. We Are Not Alone transcends the conventional boundaries of UFO documentaries by providing a comprehensive look into the world of UFO-ology and contactees. In this documentary, Serena DC and Michael Mazzola traverse the United States, seeking out and conversing with luminaries in the field, including Dr. Steven Greer, Paola Harris, Jacques Vallee, Adam Curry, Andrea Perron, Vito Glazers and Danny Sheehan.

Their journey is akin to a cosmic odyssey, a quest to fathom the profound mysteries surrounding extraterrestrial life and the inexplicable phenomena that have baffled experts for years. But who exactly are these experts, and what insights do they bring to the table?

The Expert Panel

One of the captivating aspects of We Are Not Alone is the diverse panel of experts that Serena DC and Michael Mazzola have assembled. These experts collectively represent a broad spectrum of experiences and knowledge, each bringing their unique perspectives to the table.

Dr. Steven Greer, a prominent figure in the UFO research community, is renowned for his work in the disclosure movement and for establishing the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI). His insights into the phenomenon of Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (CE-5) and the implications of extraterrestrial contact are a cornerstone of this documentary.

Paola Harris, a respected investigative journalist, brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Having interviewed numerous witnesses to UFO events, her work has played an essential role in uncovering the truth behind these unexplained phenomena.

Jacques Vallee, a computer scientist and astrophysicist, has explored the intersections of technology and the UFO phenomenon. His research delves into the peculiar ways in which these phenomena challenge our understanding of the cosmos.

Adam Curry, known for his podcast work and UFO-related content, lends his insights into the world of podcasting, media, and the impact of digital platforms on UFO discourse. His inclusion underscores the role of modern media in shaping the discussion on these phenomena.

Andrea Perron, author and a prominent figure in the world of paranormal investigations, provides a firsthand account of her experiences in the infamous Harrisville haunting, famously depicted in “The Conjuring.” Her experiences serve as a testament to the profound and often unsettling encounters some have with the unknown.

Vito Glazers, a highly regarded expert on News and Public Relations, contributes his expertise on how the media and government have collaborated to keep information about life from other planets a secret. 

Danny Sheehan, a constitutional and public interest lawyer, has spent decades advocating for the disclosure of classified information related to UFOs and extraterrestrial contact. His legal battles and extensive work in the field lend a unique perspective to the documentary.

A Cosmic Message for Humanity

While the experts and their experiences are undeniably fascinating, the true essence of We Are Not Alone lies in the profound message it conveys to humanity. The documentary explores the question of why extraterrestrial visitors have been drawn to Earth. Their intentions, as discussed by the experts, serve as a beacon of hope and enlightenment in these uncertain times.

The overarching message is one of unity, understanding, and cooperation. It posits that we are not alone in the universe and that these cosmic visitors have a message for humanity. This message revolves around the need for humanity to embrace a higher state of consciousness, to abandon the divisive tendencies that plague our world, and to forge a new path toward a brighter future.

In the face of global challenges, environmental crises, and societal divisions, the message of unity and enlightenment from our cosmic visitors becomes all the more pertinent. We Are Not Alone urges us to heed their wisdom and look beyond the stars, as we stand on the precipice of a new era of understanding.


As the documentary unfolds, viewers will find themselves not only captivated by the mysteries of the cosmos but also inspired by the potential for a better future. The insights from the experts, combined with the powerful message of unity, serve as a beacon of hope in a world searching for answers.

In a time when the unknown beckons and the mysteries of the universe continue to intrigue, We Are Not Alone emerges as a compelling and thought-provoking exploration of the cosmic enigma. As we immerse ourselves in the testimonies of leading experts, we gain a deeper understanding of the profound message these cosmic visitors bring to humanity.

So, for those who have an insatiable curiosity for the unexplained and a desire to explore the cosmos, We Are Not Alone on Amazon Prime is a must-watch. It is a captivating documentary that will inspire, inform, and leave you pondering the mysteries that lie beyond our earthly realm. Join Serena DC and Michael Mazzola on this extraordinary journey into the heart of the unknown, and discover why we are not alone in the universe.

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