June 24, 2024
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Wealth4gen on Saving and Building Generational Wealth Through Financial Investments

In 2020, the global health pandemic brought into sharp focus the importance of health and family. During this time, many people lost their loved ones and had to arrange funerals while bearing the gruel and sudden financial burden of death. This sparked discussions on the eventuality of death as a part of life and how adequate preparation can be made to secure the financial future of your loved ones. To help people, especially low-income families, change the statistics and secure generational wealth, Wealth4gen is setting the pace as an insurance and financial management company.

Established by Quinton McCoy and Viair Myles, Wealth4gen is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to secure the financial future of generations to come; as one of the fastest-rising insurance and budget management companies focusing on affordable life insurances for low-income families, investing with Wealth4gen is a chance to secure the future while enjoying the present.

The firm empowers couples to retire three years earlier without ever returning to work through its cost-effective policies. The insurance plans also cater to seniors between the ages of 50-85 on a fixed or low income with cost-effective programs for burial and final expenses. Millennials can also reduce their mortgage payments by five years while saving money and raising children.

Standing at the helm of the company are Quinton McCoy and Viair Myles, master budget analysts. Under their leadership, Wealth4gen, with just ten agents, has helped 103 seniors protect their families from paying their burial and final expenses. Also, the company had helped over 186 couples retire three years earlier than expected and generate more money in retirement than when they were working with little tax documents. More than 57 families have benefited from the company’s financial plans, effectively trimming five years or more years of mortgage payments, saving anywhere between $40K and $60K of mortgage interest. 

“We hope that our clients gain a sense of urgency and understand that death is not the focal point of life, but it is part of life. To truly prepare for the future, you have to include what your loved ones will potentially inherit when you are no longer on earth. So, we hope that you do not become a burden to your family. We hope that you become the topic of discussion because you were able to do what most people aren’t, which is why your family will have what most people don’t, and that is financial peace,” the company’s spokesman shared in an interview.

In addition to its many unique attributes, Wealth4gen also offers financial literacy within the minority community. The company educates families on the importance of raising taxes, social security pitfalls, and the grim system behind finances in retirement. “We love to educate our families, peers, and colleagues on investing in indexed accounts to generate tax-free income.” 

In a little over three months since its first operation, Wealth4gen has grown its business to mid-six figures. Their agency concentrates on booking qualified appointments every month, earning high commission, and offering customized programs based on unique requirements. In the coming years, Wealth4gen hopes to generate $1M/monthly and head an agency that produces $10M/monthly while setting the motion to reach billionaire status in a decade.

There is no time like the present. To learn more about investing for the future and saving toward retirement, visit Wealth4gen’s official website.

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