July 21, 2024
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Well-Reputed Star Blue Logistics Is One of the Top Service Providers in Freight Brokerage Business

Logistics has become a pivotal driving force for businesses and individuals everywhere. It has defined the way we shop, consume, and conduct transactions. In that regard, no one does logistics the way well-reputed company Star Blue Logistics does.

Star Blue Logistics is a trucking and freight brokerage business named after the late and great Charles “Blue” Williams and his son, Tariq Williams. Blue was known to be a very hardworking medical professional. He rarely took a vacation and was committed to building a legacy from his family’s foundation. Blue’s son, Tariq, was also a successful entrepreneur who exemplified generosity, integrity, and hard work. Their family hopes to carry on this reputation and legacy.

After spending a day in Lynwood, California, Hanif J. Williams has made it clear that his life is greatly inspired and influenced by his late and great father. “Every time someone says Star Blue, they say my father’s name; imagine having your favorite song on repeat constantly,” says the hardworking CEO. Williams is the current CEO of Star Blue Logistics, a well-reputed trucking company that bears his father’s famous nickname. The current CEO is a very strategic human resources leader. He is a proactive business partner with experience driving and revolutionizing the human resources function with an above-average ability to balance strategic vision and program implementation.

He played a crucial role in establishing a $150K US division into a $2.3 million stand-alone global industry leader. He made a significant contribution to the industry through integrating acquisitions, outsourcing, process efficiencies, and workforce planning. 

At Star Blue Logistics, their goal is to give a top-level quality of recruiting, transportation, personnel and support services while at the same time being able to provide a safe workplace for their employees. Their company values are integrity, fairness, and honesty, which they are committed to growing and maintaining. In addition, they strive to become trustworthy partners to their customers and business partners. The freight brokerage integrates innovative technology tailored to their client’s business because they acknowledge that every shipper has different needs and preferences. 

Aside from this professionalism, Williams is most especially known for his generous spirit and philanthropic work. After stopping at a local restaurant, Williams pauses and abruptly turns around and says, “I’ve decided to pay for everyone’s meal, but I don’t want them knowing we are paying.” His altruism is not just seen in paying for everyone’s meal but also in the number of people they have hired. Star Blue Logistics has already hired over 700 drivers for small and mega carriers alike.

Hanif is deliberate in using the word “we” and when he was asked about it, he said: “Arrogance is a fuel that burns down institutions. This business would not have been possible if it wasn’t for our team of professionals and, most importantly, my mother, Sadiqa Williams.”

As of early February, Williams has decided to sell part of the business and is looking for a qualified buyer and investor. “I am not interested in selling my business just to make money, but I am interested in a person with family values and a general love for humanity,” says the generous CEO.

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