June 24, 2024
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White House hits back at Jeff Bezos over inflation comments

In the latest back-and-forth between the government and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the White House pushed back on Monday at the internet and retail magnate’s criticism of the administration’s economic policies. 

“It’s not difficult to understand why one of the world’s wealthiest people opposes an economic agenda for the middle class that reduces some of the most significant costs that families face, fights inflation over time, and contributes to the historic deficit reduction the President is achieving by asking the wealthiest taxpayers and corporations to pay their fair share,” deputy White House press secretary Andrew Bates said in a statement. 

“This tweet comes after the President spoke with labor organizers, including Amazon employees,” Bates continued. 

On Twitter, Bezos responded shortly after, accusing the White House of attempting to “muddy the matter” and divert attention away from rising inflation. 

“They understand that inflation wreaks havoc on the poorest people.” However, neither unions nor the affluent are responsible for inflation. Remember that the administration attempted to increase federal spending by another $3.5 TRILLION,” Bezos tweeted. “They failed, but if they had succeeded, inflation would have been even higher than it is now, which is a 40-year high.” 

The attacks on Amazon on Monday are the latest in a contentious relationship between the Biden administration and the company. 

In speeches asking for increased tax rates on corporations and the wealthiest Americans, President Biden often calls out Amazon for not paying federal taxes. He also met with labor officials earlier this month to discuss efforts to unionize an Amazon facility on Staten Island, New York, which would be a first for Amazon employees. 

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Over the weekend, Bezos took aim at Biden and his administration for their economic policies, debating whether raising taxes on wealthy firms would help to reduce inflation, which has been a persistent problem in the United States since last year.

“It’s fine to talk about raising corporate taxes,” Bezos wrote on Twitter. “It’s vital to talk about taming inflation. It’s merely a ruse to mash them together.” 

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) also saved the Biden administration “from themselves,” according to Bezos, by blocking expenditure ideas that would have driven inflation even more.

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