May 29, 2024
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Will Buck on the Importance of Overcoming Fear to Achieve Success

Alternative singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Will Buck is an example of how far sticking to one’s passion and turning pain into purpose can take a person in the music industry. 

Will spent his early twenties traveling around the US with his high-energy rock and roll band West Water Outlaws, where he learned to perform three-hour sets in different dive bars spanning across the country. With the high of performing, however, came the lack of resources and the band had to experience difficult nights of having to sleep on hotel room floors and working odd jobs for modest fees and some food. 

With their persistence, the band managed to graduate from playing parties in their basement to selling out venues and appearing at major festivals. But just when things started to take off for the West Water Outlaws, the members ended up deciding to go their separate ways and the band dissolved. Will’s dreams of signing a management deal with the band and being able to play the biggest show of their lives vanished overnight. 

Will found himself losing hope in the aftermath of the disbandment. Feeling like his future suddenly went up in smoke, Will went on a cross-country journey of self-rediscovery. 

During this period, the artist survived off seasonal work, busking, and entertaining tourists. Despite this, Will continued writing and producing songs, releasing them under the alias Gypsee. By the time he reached a small beach town in eastern Australia, Will had decided it was time to return to the US. He began to slowly crawl out of the hole of suffering he dug himself into and moved to LA to give himself and music another chance. 

With few resources, connections, and money, but a determined attitude, Will spent his days packaging t-shirts in an apparel warehouse while relentlessly writing, producing,  practicing, and recording demos at night. Feeling like he did not have anything to lose anymore, Will announced himself as a solo artist in 2019.

Despite his rebranded career not taking off right away, Will did not lose hope in the face of struggle. Fast forward several years later, with multiple EPs, countless shows, setbacks and triumphs, Will has now been dubbed as “someone to watch” by the Hollywood Digest and “a diamond in the rough” by Voyage LA. He also finished as a semi-finalist in The Opening Act’s Hollywood Bowl competition. 

Will found his momentum again and is now steadily rising through the ranks of LA DIY music. He has released a bunch of songs now under his real name, the latest being “Shadows,” which is now available on YouTube and Spotify

With the distorted guitar riffs combined with heavy electronic components, Will’s sound has been defined as renegade pop with an electro-grunge type of delivery. His songs encompass a wide range of topics, including personal redemption, the resiliency of the human spirit, addiction, healing, grief, and eventually establishing inner peace. His raw vocals entice the listener, while his profoundly insightful and honest lyrics drive the concept through. 

With his continued success in the industry, Will Buck is committed to writing the best possible songs and connecting with fans that resonate with his music.

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