June 24, 2024
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Willie J of Pure Mission Entertainment Sparks New Hope and Empowerment Through Music and Arts

Best known for spearheading several hit records, such as “Sunshine with the Rain,” “In the Morning,” and “We Love You Puerto Rico,” that landed millions of views throughout various streaming platforms, Willie J is truly a force to be reckoned with in the music and entertainment industry. Today, he continues to serve as an icon of empowerment, bringing new hope for people from all walks of life through the power of music and arts. 

Willie J is an internationally acclaimed recording artist, songwriter, author, speaker, and multi-talented musician. He is also an esteemed entrepreneur and the sitting CEO of the global entertainment powerhouse: Pure Mission Entertainment. Born and raised in Washington Park, Illinois, the rising artist witnessed life’s struggles in the inner city at an early age. After losing his close friend to gun violence at only 13, his mother quickly removed him from the toxic environment for a better life. Still, the residues that come from living his life in a troubled neighborhood fueled his soulful voice and impactful creativity. 

At 12 years old, he began investing his time in writing poetry and songs. But life had more significant challenges for Willie J. From drug addiction to facing six to 30 years in prison, he overcame it all. Admittedly, he learned his greatest lessons from these seemingly insurmountable obstacles. All his struggles molded him into the empowered artist he is today. This time, he is on a mission to empower others in return. Through music, arts, and entertainment, he is determined to make a significant difference in the lives of people who are struggling in any way. 

His journey in music began after reconnecting with his old friend Louis and his right-hand man, Theo Harden. From this partnership, the music company MuzicDortorz was established, and its success quickly produced musical and film score credits in movies like Johnson Family Vacations and Waist Deep. The company has worked alongside famous music stars such as Boyz II Men, Iggy Azalea, Mac 10, and more.

Eventually, Willie J founded his own international music company, Pure Mission Entertainment, which has produced incredible music masterpieces with millions of streams. Over the years, he has led some of the most powerful music anthems, including “We Love You Puerto Rico,” which was dedicated to victims of Hurricane Maria. Many talented artists, including NAACP winners LaTonya, Arthur Flash Johnson, and Willie’s daughter, Jazzy, came together to make the hit track possible. The song of empowerment was then featured on ABC30TV. He is also the visionary artist behind the EP “Sunshine with the Rain,” which amassed more than 1.1 million streams on SoundCloud. Included in the EP were his great hits like “In the Morning,” which was written for COVID-19 victims. The song has garnered over 5 million streams and was featured on Grammy Award winner Al Waser’s US TOP 20 Charts Countdown Radio Show. 

Today, Willie J is going beyond the musical realm. As a poet and writer, he has released three books of poetry and storylines, one of which has the same title as his new EP “Sunshine with the Rain.” In the near future, more books will be released along with creative podcasts. He is also working on his upcoming single, “Isabell,” which touches on social issues such as teen suicide.  

Willie J remains committed to his vision of creating hope through arts and entertainment. He hopes to continue empowering and changing people’s lives daily. Through Pure Mission Entertainment, he will continue helping people live their life to the fullest by giving them new beginnings that will turn their dreams into reality. To know more about Willie J and Pure Mission Entertainment, please visit his official website.

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