February 29, 2024
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Wilmecia Robinson Leads the Charge against Domestic Violence at MAD21.Org

Domestic violence and social injustice are among the societal cancers that have continued to ravage homes and communities, leaving traumatized, broken individuals and families in their wake. Leaders like Wilmecia Robinson of MAD21.org have devoted themselves to helping victims heal and supporting the fight against intimate partner violence.

MAD21.org is a nonprofit organization with a statewide membership, operating out of Nashville, Tennessee, on a mission to break the cycle of social violence and protect the vulnerable citizens of society via civic engagement, training, and advocacy. With a team of dedicated personnel, the organization has served and supported several communities, advocating against domestic violence and racism, catering to the hunger needs, and leading the fight against social injustice.

Since the turn of the year, the company has been spearheaded by Wilmecia Robinson, serving as the president and CEO of the organization. As a survivor turned advocate and warrior, Wilmecia has an in-depth understanding of why victims may drop charges against their abusers and, instead, opt to keep living with them, and how neighbors may be inclined to turn a blind eye to circumstances of domestic violence. But crucially, her experiences have given her practical insight into what interventions are most effective in the fight against domestic and social violence.

Wilmecia Robinson has been exceptional in exemplifying the mission of MAD21.org, pushing past boundaries, forging alliances, and inspiring others to join in the fight. The American Red Cross-certified victim advocate is reputed for her commitment and resilience in ensuring efficient operations and as the driving force behind MAD21.org’s strategic direction. Although she admits the many difficulties in running a high-performing, successful nonprofit—especially while navigating the many constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic—she has remained resolute in her pursuit of equality for all.

Despite benefiting from a tremendous outpouring of goodwill and a passionate volunteer base, Wilmecia is well aware that to keep MAD21.org relevant at its chosen battlefronts, the organization would need to face unexpected risks and evolve with the changes required to maintain its operations during the crises.

“It is not easy, and it has its challenges, especially in today’s new normal with COVID-19 cases increasing. However, our mission is the reason for our existence. It is our purpose, and to stay successful, it has to be our sole focus,” she stated.

In her tenure so far, Wilmecia Robinson has established a strong principle of accountability throughout the organization. The very nature of the company’s undertaking implies working with others and through others—from the government to other grassroots movements. As a result, she has fostered systems of transparency and communication between the organization and the donors, supporters, and volunteers by detailing MAD21.org’s progress in measurable terms and highlighting precisely what their contributions and efforts have accomplished.

Sharing on the organization’s ultimate goal, Wilmecia said, “Our role is to create a “snowball effect” of social change that leads the way to a better world. So, our methods are not traditional and as we adapt to change and reach new generations, our approach has to be vastly different.”

Wilmecia and MAD21.org welcome all who wish to join hands in the cause as they continue to educate society and use their voice for those unable to speak for themselves. To learn more about Wilmecia Robinson and the organization’s current projects, visit the official website.

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