July 21, 2024
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Yessenia Cossio: Moving Her Dreams Toward Reality One Stunt at a Time

Pursuing a childhood dream is a challenge in and of itself. The test is not in the hesitant first step toward realizing it but in the journey halfway, when the idea of giving up seems appealing and the feeling of fruitlessness is consuming. 

Determined to set a positive example and inspire everyone to keep pushing forward no matter what, Yessenia Cossio shares the story of a dreamer at a disadvantage who forged her way into the coveted film industry.

At ten years old, Yessenia Cossio already knew she wanted to make it big. Sitting on her mother’s lap, she would talk about wanting to make a difference in the world and for everyone to know her name. To the young Yessenia, “simply living to exist was not enough.”

Recalling that moment, the actress and stuntwoman shares, “She would tell me that with hard work, patience, determination, and a humble heart, anything was possible, and so I approached my life in that same manner.”

Armed with her values and an exemplary drive, Yessenia journeyed into the entertainment industry. However, financial constraints held her back, and the young talent had to make a pit stop in the corporate world. Saving for her first car and future acting endeavors, Yessenia Cossio worked at the Sears Telemarketing Center as a computer technical support specialist. 

Her consistency in delivering results and strong work ethic led to a speedy promotion to human resources. Three years later, she started to take on part-time jobs to secure a future in acting. Balancing the ongoing job hunt, her 9-5 schedule, and acting classes was an obstacle of its own, but Yessenia did not give up.

She left her full-time job and tried those with a more flexible schedule. She worked in medical billing, sold small kitchen appliances for Cutco, earned money as a special event dancer, and was later employed at Best Buy as a computer specialist and business consultant. 

Her experience in the company lasted for three years before she got laid off. At a setback, Yessenia made a decision that would change her life. Instead of setting off on another job hunt, she would stay unemployed to figure her career out. 

In January 2013, after her risky but steadfast decision to quit the corporate world, Yessenia took her first official step into the entertainment business. She joined The Miami Acting Studio and scored side jobs as a brand ambassador. 

Her new profession gave her the freedom to pursue her acting and parkour classes, which became a steady foundation for her rise to recognition. She then placed in bodybuilding competitions and joined an Acting Table Meeting to meet various artists and dreamers.

Inspired by the interaction, Yessenia dove into research on YouTube and found an interest in stunts. This interest would soon grow and color her career with stunt appearances on Ultimate Tag, Warner Bros’ Dune, the Netflix Marvel TV Show The Punisher, Mcygver, and Queen of the South, to name a few. 

“Leaving the corporate world to become a Hollywood stuntwoman and TV personality in a male-dominated industry was an obstacle of its own that I was able to conquer and succeed in,” she reveals, filled with overwhelming gratitude. 

“Now, my motivation is to inspire the world with my journey and to show everyone that no matter what life throws at you, whether it’s a mental illness, gender obstacle, age, financial circumstance, anything is possible as long as you show up and keep pushing forward.”

A growing inspiration to her reach, Yessenia Cossio is a dedicated presence in her community. She frequently drops in dressed as different superheroes for children’s hospitals, homeless shelters, and elderly homes. She is also a staunch supporter of causes concerning cancer, epidermolysis bullosa, and autism.

Working toward her dream, one stunt at a time, Yessenia hopes to see herself acting for a Marvel, DC, or Disney movie a few years from now. Expanding her philanthropic work, she also plans on starting a nonprofit organization for individuals with anxiety/depression disorder. 

Stay updated on Yessenia Cossio by visiting the shining star on her official website

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